Alienoid: A Movie Review


Asians don’t typically talk about aliens, but the movie Alienoid is dispelling that stereotype. Although the action-packed movie’s back-and-forth plotline gives fans headaches, everything makes sense in the end. Making connections between all of the events in the movie—not just the plot—requires the audience to engage their mind. My personal favourite scene is when Thunder the robot turns into a human and Woo Bin wears Asian streetwear. He looks dapper amidst other characters who are essentially battling for their lives.

The Timelessness Of The Thing (1982)

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40 years after its release, The Thing is still revered as a fantastic alien horror film to this day, which is wonderful when you compare it to its contemporary reception at its days upon its release. It was stomped on by critics like policemen in a student protest so hard that it almost killed the director, John Carpenter’s, career.

John Carpenter said that The Thing was machine gunned by hails of negative reception because it was the complete opposite of other films like ET: The Extra Terrestrial, another alien film that is adventurous, light hearted, and dramatic.

Aliens Culture In Japan

Japan is a beautiful, mysterious country with its own unique charm. When discussing Japan, many people focus on the work of its world-class cartoonists, its beautiful landscapes, its long history, its entertainment and celebrity culture, or its delicious Japanese food. However, in addition to these things, there is also a mysterious, but much-discussed, aspect of Japan’s things, which is Japan’s aliens urban legend.


When the concept of aliens was first introduced and even explored, there were naturally many repercussions in Japan, and many legends of aliens. I will briefly introduce some of these alien-related things that have emerged in Japan.

Terminal Invasion: The Alien Attack


They did show a little bit of the airport and the airport transportation services that are involved in the setting and in the making of the movie. It showed the relevance of the airport, airplanes which they would eventually relate it with the movie and its stories being entrapped in a wall together with aliens. In a nutshell it’s a story of how survivors are trapped and how they managed to escape. In a sense that it would make people wonder who would actually be the alien and when people start to figure out that there are alot of aliens, they begin to think who all it would be.

The Representations of Aliens In Modern Media And Pop Culture

By the end of the nineteenth century, only a few stories about alien visitors had found their way into popular culture (pop culture). Although some authors had written stories about extraterrestrials and their civilizations before the publication of “The War of the Worlds”, unfortunately most failed to gain widespread popularity among readers, and even in electronic media as television was not even invented at that time. In this current time, we also find out that several people think that invest in life and disability insurance plan Malaysia  is such an ‘’alien’’ thing (don’t forget to invest in an insurance plan, please). But have you ever thought about how the media and pop culture in the modern days shape our mindset about aliens?

Halloween Dress Up Ideas From Asian Films

What is Asian Streetwear ? Predominantly Asian streetwear can be seen worn by people from Asian provinces but now the trend is increasing that people are starting to acknowledge it especially among millennials. The rise of Asian pop culture like K-Pop from Korea and anime from Japan, more clothing lines and fashion staples are curated […]

Ultimate Guide to NFT Alien Worlds.io

Browsing and searching through the NFT mints calendar is a norm for NFT investors like you to track new NFT projects on the marketplace. This allows you to buy and sell NFT projects and get updated information about upcoming NFT drops or events.

However, there is another way than relying on the NFT mints calendar to increase your profits from NFT investment – Alien Worlds.io. If you’re both an NFT investor and a gamer, this might interest you. You can get to play a game while also making money. How cool is that? To find out more, scroll down to this article.

Conspiracy Theories in Video Games

The Dead Sun theory is in the same vein as the internet’s apocalyptic, dead world theories. This one, however, takes a very different turn. Spumwack explained his theory in great detail on YouTube. The long and short of it is that Minecraft takes place far in the future, after our Sun has died of entropy. The Sun died, and with it, all hope of life in our solar system. So, in a desperate attempt to save themselves, human civilization neglected Earth and sacrificed it in order to create a new Sun. They then settled on the dead star and terraformed it into the blocky planet we are all familiar with. This can be view more list of minecraft servers here.

What is The Connectivity Between Area 51 and Accounting?


You must be acquainted with The general public frequently ‘invaded’ Area 51, which became a byword. This location is frequently associated with extraterrestrial events such as UFO landings, according to conspiracy theorists. We’re all familiar with accounting, which demonstrates speculation, methodology, framework forms, and study forms of financial reporting, right? However, we will not be discussing general topics such as the First NET 30 Account, Bookkeeping, and so on this time. This article will go over military finance in the United States! Military personnel in the United States (US) enjoy relatively high welfare in comparison to other countries as a developed country with the world’s strongest armed forces.

Horror Movie Effect: Designs, Lightings and Backdrops

Jump scares in scary movies are usually created with the use of special lighting and audio effects. The actors, actresses, and directors in films and other forms of entertainment receive virtually all of the press coverage.

The folks who make movies seem genuine so that audiences may take a break from reality for a little time should not be forgotten. Filmmaking has a lot of moving parts, and in more complex genres like horror, the editing, audio and visual effects, wardrobe, writing the story, and make-up crews are all crucial.

When it comes to throwing a party with a horror theme, lighting is a different but connected challenge. The picture has a dismal and ominous atmosphere because of the wide use of lighting techniques such as wholesale lighting, projected shadows, and broad illumination.

Halloween Fiesta: Haunted House and Halloween Traditions

Halloween, with its ghosts and goblins, is coming up soon. People who like horror and thriller stories might want to look their best for a Halloween party with a bunch of friends, or they might want to set up their house in a scary way that makes people jump when they come to visit.


But keep in mind that when you decorate your house for Halloween, you should make sure the decorations won’t hurt you in any other way. Damaged floors make a building look older, but they can also be dangerous if you almost trip over them every time you walk by. So, it’s fine to do flood damage restoration to make sure the floor is safe, and you can add fake elements or cracks to make the room feel more scary.

Snacks and Games: How Do We Make It Healthy?


There is always a way to change your snacking while gaming habit to something healthier than it usually happens. This is to ensure that you have both a fun and healthy lifestyle without having to ditch one. In fact, living this kind of fun healthy life would be in a way more better than unhealthy ones. This should be the starting point for you to start shifting all the unhealthy foods to the healthy one such as flavoured chips to healthy beef jerky, rice cakes to granola bulk, pretzels to almond and also smoothies to green tea.

Level Up Your Online Content

Proper planning and tips are important to ensure that any fashion runways and fashion shows can be run smoothly as planned. As this is gonna need the whole team to actually team up together, there are several things that should be considered before the important day. Which are; to ensure you choose the best platform today that are in trend such as Tik Tok or Instagram. Next, identify your target audiences based on your content. Not to mention how even though it is virtual, you have to make sure that you are dressing up appropriately and find your own identity. The last thing you should consider is the setup and props which you can include the ring light or the sports lighter.

Sci-Fi Enthusiasts: Top Sci-Fi Games To Try Out


Video games have been around for a long time, and like books and movies, they come in many different types that can be chosen based on personal taste or educational goals. Science fiction is slowly taking over the gaming industry because many players like to get lost in immersive games that they can’t get anywhere else but online. You may play free online games on a wide variety of websites, including games like target google.co.id (Indonesia) and 77 slot, as well as other free online games. By installing the game in advance, these games avoid the need to use up precious storage space on a gaming console, computer, or laptop. This is because these games do not need the user to play the game.

Aliens In Children’s Shows

Aliens are a recurring theme in many movies, not just for adults but for kids as well. There are so many animated alien movies that go through a blender render farm software and come out a hit for children. Compared to the scary way that aliens are portrayed in movies for adults, it is the complete opposite for kids where they seem friendly, and cute. They are also portrayed in different forms rather than just the common one of the grey alien with an inflamed head and big eyes.

Communication and How It Came To Be

There are many ways of communication but it was not so in the past. We now have it easy as we are now in a technologically advanced era. But how was the communication in the past? How was it during the stone age and going on to the better era of paper and then slowly change to discovery of Radio and slowly become popular that every household have them until today the technology advance tech savvy era we are in, it is amazing because even you can be an influencer to talk about issues and conspiracies that you want. So how did they communicate and why is it important? This is what we are going to talk about.

Must-Watch Alien Movies To Fill Up Your Leisure Time

Does life beyond our world actually exist? Are there really other creatures besides us in another universe? Are aliens real? These are the most common questions that have been lingering around many people’s minds for over decades now. There are so many articles on the discovery of the aliens, but no one is sure of the truth behind it. In Teh Talk, you can discover more articles that also talk about aliens. Well, to be true, there is no evidence to prove the existence of aliens or other creatures on other planets. No one is actually sure about their existence.

Mariana Trench And The Creatures Hiding In It

We are still committed to maritime travel today. Hundreds of thousands of nautical miles are covered every day around the world, from the global shipping industry to luxury yacht charters. Despite the fact that our oceans are livelier than ever, they remain largely unknown.

Alien Worlds NFT Game: The Ultimate Beginner’s Guide


In the early phase of NFTs, they are initially only utilized for collecting purposes. According to the latest NFT game news Malaysia market,  NFT games have now been introduced and will continue to develop in the future thanks to the growing number of artistic influences from vintage games like Pokemon. NFT games include a play-to-earn business model that gives users the chance of making money while playing the games. 

Best Alien Games To Play Right Now

There’s no denying that alien-themed games are popular among players. The genre offers countless opportunities at your disposal, whether you’re fleeing for your life in a horror-thriller environment, exploring a wide area of alien worlds, or negotiating with newfound alien allies. Before we start introduce the best alien game you need to play right now, check out High quality minecraft skins available.

Woman Became Pregnant After A Weird Encounter With A Space Alien

When you first read the title, you must be thinking what a bizarre world we’re living in. Anyway, visit and buy postpartum care products Malaysia before we dive into our main topic. What is your first reaction when you read the title? You must be wondering the truth, right? Although there have been quite a number of people who claim to have witnessed the aliens, there isn’t much proof provided.

Area 51: Everything That You Need To Understand

It’s produced so many conspiracy theories that it’s difficult to understand exactly what Area 51 is and what, if anything, is kept there. Besides, if you are doing some experiment about aliens or science, you will need a Medrux.com, which provides safety protection.

Famous People Who Believe in The Existence of Aliens

The truth behind the existence of aliens remains one of the world’s mysteries. If any of you have seen the film franchise Alien and Men In Black, you might wonder if they are living secretly among us. In the movies, they are just CGI that might be made from a render farm which means they are not real. Render farm for blender might be one of them and they succeeded in making the aliens look so realistic. But…what if they aren’t just CGIs? That could be the reason why some famous people tend to believe in aliens!

Why Science Is Important For Humans?

Humans are made up of many fascinating organs in their body which help them to adapt and evolve into new scenarios. Being one of the complex mammals, humans are also capable of accomplishing things that are impossible. While growing up, humans get to learn and grow with many elements around them such as animals, plants […]

8 Weirdest Conspiracy Theory We Could’ve Heard

General liability worries us all. But freak not! You’ve probably heard that the moon landing was staged, that JFK’s assassination was staged, and that the world is ruled by a cabal of reptilian elites. Have you heard the hypothesis that reveals why Disney chose Frozen as the title of its massively popular animated film? What about our hollow Earth’s hidden entrance? If not, fasten your seatbelts.

Types of Digital Marketing

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Is Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg An Alien?

In order to understand to be a better human to not blow his cover as a human in disguise, Mark Zuckerberg is really invested in improving Facebook’s bedwars server so that he can continue gathering more data to understand what it means to be human.

TV Shows Starring Extra-Terrestrial and Sci-Fi

Real-life is overrated and stressful. So let’s watch fantastic science fiction as an escape from reality. In this list, there are some recommendations of sci-fi series to watch now. Some of them are available online like on Netflix, Disney+ and certain sites. Let’s jump right into it! 

Aliens Under The Sea? Terrifying Deep-Sea Creatures

Imagine aliens came down to earth just to scroll the windows VPS website and buy RDP. Even aliens recognize their cheap windows remote desktop hosting.

Into The Four Movies of Extraterrestrial

Other than online casino games, films are one of the powerful entertainment tools available. We can lounge around while de-stress with our favourite films. 

Voyager Station- The First Step Towards Humanity’s Future.

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An Aspiring Alien Chaser? Here Are The Tools You Need

 As an alien chaser, you are not just a livid individual chasing after a dream or illusion. You are, ultimately, a scientist, gathering facts and data, necessary information and statistics and recording occurrences, thoughts and hypotheses to be tested. As a scientist, you need the best laboratory furniture Malaysia to appropriately accommodate your findings and help you, too, consolidate them.

Conspiracy Theory: 4 Facts That You Should Read

There’s a difference between a conspiracy theory, a myth, a rumor and a falsehood. Even though there are blurred lines among these. Conspiracy theories have grown mainstream in the media, the internet, and social media, emerging as a cultural phenomena in the world of the late twentieth and early twenty-first centuries. They are widely held beliefs all around the world, with some even being accepted by the majority of the people. Like, it is not easy for you to forget a theory if you already believe in one. With the Covid-19 pandemic going around for a while,  protect yourself with the best medical equipment supplier Malaysia.

Why Alien Life Forms Could Be Living Among Us Already

Alien chasers claimed that because cloud servers are a vast network spread over supermarkets, businesses and various entities. The age of digitization has us careening toward the most bizarre worlds as time proceeds. Enthusiasts attempt to communicate back with their various technologies. The POS cashier system Malaysia has the ability to pick up frequencies and connectivity activity through crossed wires. Our reliance on the virtual makes us susceptible to signals that come in and interfere with the original channels.

Could Octopuses Have Come From Another Planet?

Is it worth considering? Maybe one day you can prove these claims yourself when you’re ready to do your own academic research. If you’re not yet ready, you can first start by taking online quizzes for a starter.

Introductions to Space Flight Nutritions

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Conspiracy Theories: How The Men In Black Became A Thing

For instance, humans drink alcohol and they need to protect their liver from being too damaged, thus we have liver supplements in Malaysia protection.

What Would An Alien’s Life Be Like On Earth

We could let the aliens have jobs, maybe at an accounting company Malaysia to learn more about accounting services in Malaysia

Game Development: The Alien Version

It is honestly based on the game developer on how they would like to create the game for their players, and I think the best game developers Malaysia are capable of doing and making this kind of games happen for their players.


Explore Space Without Going to Space

To make sure it you can explore the space smoothly you need to have a really good internet connection and use Time Broadband Malaysia

Food Preservations in Outer Space

But astronauts depend on those foods stored by the scientists to live in outer space. Therefore, it is still important to make sure the food preservations are correct and nicely put. For a good University to study food, maybe you can check Widad for more information.

3 Popular Theories About The Bermuda Triangle

Bermuda Triangle is currently one of the most popular shipping lanes in the world. This would make the passage a safe choice for even supply chain solutions Malaysia to conduct certain integrated supply chain services in Malaysia

Could There Be An Ancient Civilization Before Humans?

With most of modern technology being developed and operated with the use of the internet, many businesses and individuals prefer to use the internet for online marketing and branding services from a branding agency like branding agency Malaysia to promote their businesses, services, or products.

Is The Government Really Spying On You Through Your Webcams?: Looking at the Evidence

We spend most of our time on the Internet or surrounded by technology; watching television or browsing web pages or using mobile apps created by a mobile app developer in Malaysia.

What Is Astrochemistry?

Other than discoveries like planets, galaxies or creatures in space, they also were working on the research of the chemical in space. It was called astrochemistry. If you are interested in looking for a chemical product, make sure to check the chemical supplier in Malaysia to get it.

Social Media And Conspiracy Theories Regarding The Extraterrestrial Species

One most captivating attribute making social media a commonplace tool for communication being the autonomy granted to all users to create and distribute any content of their intent whether or not they were factually proven prior to the circulation provided their devices are connected to a sturdy internet like Unifi Malaysia.

How To Create The Best Space Themed Website?

I guess it’s because space will always be a mystery and there is always something new you can discover upon conducting research on space. Additional tip: know your target audience. This tip will ensure that you know exactly what kind of content to include on your blog.

Could We Actually Live With Aliens? : Searching for Earth 2.0

For example, if you live in a house and you find out that the house you currently live in is about to collapse, isn’t it natural for us to be looking for a new home? A flat roofer can’t always fix extreme things like this. That is what is happening right now.

Conclusive Proof That Breast Milk Was Genetically Engineered By Aliens

The only thing that we haven’t adapted to yet is the sore nipple you get when breastfeeding but this can be easily overcome by using lanolin nipple cream. But what does breast milk have to do with aliens?

CEO of Amazon, Jeff Bezos is an Alien?

The famous CEO also invested in a company that specializes as a Money Lender. Money lenders are primarily responsible for providing short-term loans. Loans may be granted for personal use, to satisfy social and religious responsibilities, or to meet the requirements of farmers for seeds, livestock, fertilizers, and other agricultural supplies.