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Conspiracy Theories: How The Men In Black Became A Thing

Imagine if aliens were living among us and living out normal lives, working in disguise and needing basic human needs as well. For instance, humans drink alcohol and they need to protect their liver from being too damaged, thus we have liver supplements in Malaysia for protection. So, if aliens lived among us and drank alcohol too, would they need that too or would they not have the same organs as us?

How Alien-Mentality Affecting Human Behavior

The universe can be a unique place where there are thousands of stars and planets out there. The universe also can be scary places because we do not even know what is waiting for us if we go up there. That is why you can find out and see a lot of website design Penang and other website designers tend to make the website design to be more varied and colorful. 

Conclusive Proof That Breast Milk Was Genetically Engineered By Aliens

The only thing that we haven’t adapted to yet is the sore nipple you get when breastfeeding but this can be easily overcome by using Lanolin nipple cream or maybe you can learn the best way to breastfeed. But what does breast milk have to do with aliens? There is a theory going on that aliens have genetically engineered breast milk to evolve into the way it is now to ensure the continued survival of humans and here’s the evidence

Why Have There Been UFO Incidents Near Nuclear Facilities

Why are there so many unidentified flying objects being seen and reported near nuclear facilities? Why isn’t there urgency on the government’s part to evaluate the potential national-security threat? These are the questions being asked by a whole team of high-ranking former United States intelligence and defense officials, as well as academics, Aerospace-industry veterans, and other people associated with To the Stars Academy of Arts & Science. These people have been investigating a vast range of UFO sightings, and they are advocating serious actions from the government.   

When UFOs Dominated The White House, The Air Force Blamed The Weather

1952 was the year the United States caught the flying-disk fever. So when a sudden surge of weird sightings was officially reported over the capital that summer, the public and the press demanded answers. Were these part of a Soviet invasion, or were these evidence of something more mysterious? July 1952’s The Washington, D.C. sightings, also called “the Big Flap,” hold a very special place in UFO history. Primary American newspapers were reporting various credible sightings. It was so many that the dedicated U.S.

Is It true That Alien Secrets Were Hidden At Area 51 And Roswell? ‘Project Blue Book’ UFO Hunters Investigate.

There are only two legendary places for UFO seekers. One is Area 51 that is located in groom Lake, Nevada. This is where the American government has long maintained its secret base. Some say this is where they hide UFO-related experiments and technology. The second location in Roswell, New Mexico. This was where the sightings of a so-called flying disk electrified the small town back in 1947. 

UFO Hunters Plan Database To Monitor Sightings

An investigative organization of UFO hunters has started the production of a global UFO database. This database will allow people from all over the world to report their supposed UFO encounters. In this day and age of videos, cameras, and apps, can these tools hinder or assist the weirdness factor of UFOs? Do we really need such a database? Will people really use it? 

Two Pilots Saw A UFO. But Why Did the Air Force Destroy This Report?

Whatever happened at 2:45 a.m. July 24, 1948, in Southwest Alabama, skies not only shocked witnesses. It pushed the American government into a secret investigation, but the results were eventually destroyed. The moon was bright and the skies were clear in those pre-dawn hours as John B. Whitted (co-pilot) and Clarence S. Chiles (pilot) flew their twin-engine propeller aircraft, Eastern Air Lines DC-3 at 5,000 feet en route from Houston, Texas to Atlanta, Georgia. The plane has 20 passengers, 19 of them asleep during that hour. It was just an ordinary routine domestic flight. 

The 4 Most Promising Worlds For Extraterrestrial Life In The Solar System

Our planet’s biosphere has all the known ingredients necessary for existence as we know it. These are liquid water, one source of energy, and a wide range of biologically useful molecules and elements. However, the recent discovery of potentially biogenic phosphine in Venus’ clouds reminds us that some of these factors exist elsewhere, too. 

Earth’s Best Defense System Against An Alien Invasion

Aliens have always been in the minds of space nerds and sci-fi enthusiasts. The idea of alien contact has been the focus of several great games, books, and movies. Inevitably, the conversation about extraterrestrials turns itself toward one question: How would our planet defend itself against an alien invasion?

Know The 5 Observables: 5 UFO Traits That Need Explanation

Labeled the '5 observables' by an ex-Pentagon investigator, these traits include erratic movement, hypersonic speed, and the ability to fly even when they’re no wings. When Luis Elizondo managed a little team at the United States Department of Defense investigating reports of UAP (unidentified aerial phenomena), he heard several of such accounts. These accounts even came from some of the most highly trained, experienced military aeronautic experts. 

The UFO Phenomena That Pushed The United Kingdom To Take ‘Flying Disks’ More Seriously

Back in September 1952, some months after a surge in “flying saucer” sightings at Washington, D.C. made headlines all over the world, several military officers taking part in North Atlantic NATO exercises were struck by their very own UFO fever. Familiar with Exercise Mainbrace? This was the biggest military exercise since the second world war. It involved 80,000 soldiers, 200 ships, and 1,000 planes from many NATO nations, including big deployments from the U.S. and U.K.


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