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Area 51 Conspiracies

In 1955, as per a recently declassified report by the CIA, secret operatives went through the western United States for a remote area where the government can assess a U-2 spy plane prototype. They flew over Groom Lake, Nevada, and found exactly what they were looking for. The place was called Area 51. For several years, authorities tried to avoid or even acknowledge, the secret base's operations, let alone saying anything about the secret aerospace research that happened there.

Area 51 101: What Exactly Goes On Inside?

So, what exactly do we know about Area 51? Area 51 pertains to a map location and is the name for a U.S. Air Force base at Groom Lake. Groom Lake is a dry lake bed located in the Nevada Desert, around 135km (85 miles) north of Las Vegas. What happens inside this territory is top secret. People are kept away by armed guards, electronic surveillance and warning signs. Moreover, while the site can now be seen on satellite images, it’s still illegal to fly over Area 51. The base’s runaways are up to 2.3 miles/3.7kmb (12,000ft) long.

Do Aliens Really Exist? These UFO Sightings Really Tell Us Something

Do you think aliens really exist? This question has caused tons of controversies and debates among us for centuries. From Suffolk's Rendlesham Forest to Roswell, below are just some of the sightings which hunters have considered as proof of E.T. life. So, what was the most recent UFO sighting? Just recently, strange footage has surfaced showing a mysterious unidentified flying object moving and changing its shape in the sky over the European country Sweden.

‘Alien Fossil’ Seen On Mars, Conspiracy Theory Says Died In Pain

According to alien hunters, they have seen an alien fossil on Mars which they claim to be proof that life once existed on the popular red planet. Due to this alleged discovery, UFO conspiracy theorists believe that they had hit the jackpot. They claim to have seen fossilized remains of a little alien in NASA's images. The supposed alien life evidence comes in the form of a martian rock. The rock has features that resemble humans.

Why Have There Been So Many UFO Sightings Near Nuclear Facilities?

Why are there so many unidentified flying objects being seen and reported near nuclear facilities? Why isn’t there urgency on the government’s part to evaluate the potential national-security threat? These are the questions being asked by a whole team of high-ranking former United States intelligence and defense officials, as well as academics, Aerospace-industry veterans, and other people associated with To the Stars Academy of Arts & Science.

Food Preservations In Outer Space

If you are taking or learning culinary-based subjects or “bidang kulinari”, “seni kulinari”, this can give you extra points to have this knowledge. But have you tried to imagine how astronauts have their food preserved? But have you tried to imagine how astronauts have their food preserved? How can they live that long in outer space without having normal food, and how can they store their food that long?

What Would An Alien’s Life Be Like On Earth

Next is income. Aliens would either have a higher IQ or a lower IQ than us and that means, we would have to find a way to educate them or let them adapt to our society. The aliens would need money, though. To get money, we could let them have jobs, maybe at an accounting company Malaysia to learn more about accountancy services Malaysia.

6 Theories You Need To Ignore About Marijuana

Technically, possessing marijuana itself already makes you a criminal in places where it is not legal, but other than that, you don’t become a robber within a few days once you smoke a joint. For instance, if you head to a weed dispensary in California, you will be considered a criminal since it is not legal.

Searching For Earth 2.0

A home for all of us is something essential and we need a place where we can continue to live. For example, if you live in a house at Bandar Puteri Puchong and you find out that the house you currently live in is about to collapse, isn't it natural for us to be looking for a new home? You would probably find another place like Puchong Puteri house for sale or Puchong Bandar Puteri houses so that you can move somewhere safer and start a new life there. That is what is happening right now.

Explore Space Without Going To Space

Technology is really advance nowadays and that is why there are to help us to see what we cannot see. To make sure that you can explore the space smoothly you need to have a really good internet connection and if you have a bad one you maybe want to change it using Time Internet Malaysia.  


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