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Things Astronauts Can’t Do In Outer Space

Being an astronaut is not an easy job to keep up with. Aside from the things you can’t do, you’d also have to be away from your families for long periods of time and maybe experience discomfort or difficulties in doing your tasks. Nonetheless, the astronauts we have now are doing a bang-up job. 

Could We Actually Fall In Love With Aliens?

To enhance their sex life, maybe they could purchase adult toys from trusted sex toy shop online, but that depends on if both the aliens and humans’ physical needs could be satisfied with it.

Russian cosmonaut spots ‘space guests’ amid dazzling auroras in video. They’re not aliens!!!

Russian cosmonaut Ivan Vagner has captured some truly amazing views of Earth from above as seen from the International Space Station, but his latest...


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Why Science Is Important For Humans?

Humans are made up of many fascinating organs in their body which help them to adapt and evolve into new scenarios. Being...

8 Weirdest Conspiracy Theory We Could’ve Heard

General liability worries us all. But freak not! You've probably heard that the moon landing was staged, that JFK's assassination was staged, and that the world is ruled by a cabal of reptilian elites. Have you heard the hypothesis that reveals why Disney chose Frozen as the title of its massively popular animated film? What about our hollow Earth's hidden entrance? If not, fasten your seatbelts.

Types of Digital Marketing

Finding the proper content producers for your digital marketing in Malaysia might help you take your campaign to the next level.

Is Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg An Alien?

In order to understand to be a better human to not blow his cover as a human in disguise, Mark Zuckerberg is really invested in improving Facebook’s bedwars server so that he can continue gathering more data to understand what it means to be human.