3 Crazy Conspiracy Movie Theories You Should Know About


Conspiracy movies – who doesn’t love them? Trying to crack your head figuring out why certain incidents happen will make a curious individual go crazy! If you’re bored out of your mind searching for new movies to watch, consider these 3 conspiracy movies which you can watch anywhere, including หนังออนไลน์ฟรี websites, that will tinker your mind for days: 


Conspiracy Theory #1: Landing On The Moon


Many people claimed that the iconic incident where Neil Armstrong landed on the moon for the first time, could actually be fake. The first movie created back in 1969 about this conspiracy is called We Never Went To The Moon. The movie is actually based on a book published by the author named Bill Kaysing where he questioned the first landing of the moon. Capricorn One, released in 1978, was also one of the movies which are directed and written by Peter Hyams, which talks about the conspiracy of the moon landing. This movie is actually about the mission to Mars which is said to be fake and attempts made by the government to dismiss the conspiracy. The result of the movie helped to raise awareness about the authenticity of a space mission that is fake. 


One of the conspiracy theories also involved a guy named Stanley Kubrick that was instructed by NASA to create a fake lunar landing video after he directed the movie 2001: A Space Odyssey. This conspiracy can be seen in another movie made later in 2012 called Dark Side Of The Moon where it shows how Stanley Kubrick together with the US government planned the moon landings all along. After all, if movies are able to replicate moon landings, what more about Niel Armstrong’s landing? For all we know, the footage could have been made up. There was a documentary named Room 237 which talks about the movie ‘The Shining’ while also showing several theories involving Stanley Kubrick and his involvement with the moon landing.


The all too famous Transformers: Dark Of The Moon, also has a scene where they mentioned Neil Armstrong landed on the moon to retrieve an Autobot, instead of placing the American flag on the moon. Aside from that, the movie Apollo 18 showcased a group of astronauts that were on a mission to land on the moon but was unfortunately attacked by dangerous creatures. 

Conspiracy Theory #2: Death of 9 At Dyatlov Pass 


Though this conspiracy theory is less known compared to others, basically this particular incident happened at Dyatlov Pass, between the mountains of Ural back in February 1959. There were a group of nine people that suddenly passed away while they were on a ski trek in  Russia. They were apparently, really healthy, which was unexpected that they passed away just like that. During the investigation, it has been said that the tents they were in were wrecked apart with various wounds inflicted on their bodies. After the incident, it was kept on the down-low until around 1990 where people were beginning to question it. The theory mentioned how these trekkers managed to find out a secret weapon used for Soviet experiments since their bodies were suddenly very radioactive. It was really strange how they died out of the blue, hence, there was much speculation based on this particular incident. 

There were several documentaries and books created based on this incident. The first-ever film inspired by the Dyatlov Pass is the Devil’s Pass, created back in 2013. The film is about a group of students who visited the area where the incident took place in order to find out what actually happened. They were said to have discovered it was a military experiment that failed since it’s a government’s motive to keep it a secret. 


Conspiracy Theory #3: A Flying Saucer In Roswell

flying saucer

Apparently, there was a flying saucer captured on 8th July 1947 around Roswell. However, the US military took back their statement as they said it was merely just debris that fell from a weather balloon that crashed. However, it was too late to turn back as after the report, everybody was talking about it. 

The movie called Close Encounters Of The Third Kind, directed by Steven Spielberg, was one of the best films that capture the idea of UFOs, including the likes of alien abductions, weird sightings in the sky and so on.