3 Popular Theories About The Bermuda Triangle

Stories about the infamous Bermuda Triangle have terrorized sailors, pilots, and the general population for years. Also commonly referred to as the ‘Devil’s Triangle’, the Bermuda Triangle is a triangular-shaped region that occupies a part of the North Atlantic Ocean; in which mythical tales are often told of ships drowning under it’s waves and planes disappearing into the mist above it’s waters, never to be seen again.

In this day and age, the number of Bermuda Triangle skeptics often overpower the believers. After all, the Bermuda Triangle sees plenty of traffic from both ships and planes these days; with plenty of both passing through it’s waters, whether for commercial or logistic purposes, day-to-day with little issue. In fact, the Bermuda Triangle is currently one of the most popular shipping lanes in the world. This would make the passage a safe choice for even supply chain solutions Malaysia to conduct certain integrated supply chain services in Malaysia, such as passing inventory over oceans to and from certified supply chain services in Malaysia. However, there are still some believers who are adamant that something unnatural troubles the oceans of the Bermuda Triangle, with theories that range from the scientific to the blatantly supernatural, from strange oceanic activity to even the possibility of alien interference. 

So for those still interested in the potential mysteries that churn in this sector of the North Atlantic Ocean, here are 3 popular theories about the Bermuda Triangle still exchanged today. 


Perhaps one of the most popular theories of the Bermuda Triangle is the possible interference of aliens. In standard tinfoil hat fashion, many believers theorize that the Bermuda Triangle is a section on Earth to which extraterrestrial life routinely travels; leveraging the mysterious site as a place to capture and kidnap helpless human captives for subsequent research and/or experimentation. Some even believe that within the Bermuda Triangle lies a portal to another world or dimension; where interdimensional or -terrestrial borders are inexplicably strained, and where unwitting passage of boats and planes across worlds is therefore permitted. If this is true, then that means all the ships and planes that have gone missing across the years are currently lost in another world – and perhaps even that beings from said other world have trespassed into ours without our knowing.

Gas Explosions  

A more scientific approach to the Bermuda Triangle, this theory posits that the lost planes and ships of the Triangle are caused by eruptions of methane gas upon the ocean surface; which disrupts passage and sinks the vessels irrecoverably to the bottom of the sea. There is reasonable evidence to support this idea; in that Norwegian scientists, in 2016, discovered giant gas craters upon the floor of the Barents Sea that could have been caused by gas explosions. As of now, the Methane Gas Theory behind the Bermuda Triangle does seem to be it’s most credible considering the scientific backing – but as it’s never been conclusively proven, that doesn’t stop the more paranormally-inclined to continue theorizing about it’s supernatural origins. 

Waterspouts and Whirlpools  

Another more scientific theory, some people claim that dangerous oceanic activity around the Bermuda Triangle is the cause behind it’s missing boats and planes. Of these phenomena, perhaps the most popular ideas are usually massive waterspouts and whirlpools; which suck both planes and boats into a whirling, watery vortex and siphons them deep into the depths of the sea. The theory suggests that the Bermuda Triangle, for whatever reason, is particularly susceptible to incredibly frequent and unnaturally large ocean activity; causing major damage to planes and boats and therefore sinking them into the bottom of the ocean, never to be found. 

While this theory does seem more credible than some other Bermuda Triangle theories out there, there is, again, a lack of conclusive proof and evidence that waterspouts and whirlpools may occur more frequently and dangerously in the Bermuda Triangle. As such, the waterspout and whirlpool theory remains, as most, just another theory. 


Whether or not there is a mystery in the Bermuda Triangle remains a mystery in and of itself. Many oppose the thought that something treacherous lies within the Bermuda Triangle, while firm believers cling onto the notion that something evil may churn beneath it’s waves; amongst the wreck of ships and planes accumulating beneath it’s dark waters. While there are many theories to both supposedly prove and disprove the existence of anything supernatural, nothing is conclusive; and the Bermuda Triangle, perhaps, will remain one of the most controversial and highly-discussed portions of our ocean evermore.