6 Theories You Need To Ignore About Marijuana

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There are so many misconceptions about marijuana, from good to bad ones. In this article, we’ll be talking about all the theories that are wrong. Unless you are a scientist, you won’t be able to know the real truth behind weed and its effects on humans. Here are some of the theories debunked to help you potential stoners (or existing ones) out there by providing real truths about it: 


Myth #1: You can’t overdose on marijuana 

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To be frank, many people think marijuana is completely safe compared to other drugs such as cocaine. When you consume marijuana, you can overdose but you can’t die from it. That’s a fact. Overdose means you are taking more than the daily recommended dose of any medicine. Hence, you can overdose on marijuana when you take more than you should. It was reported that in order to die from it, one must consume at least 15,000 pounds of weed in a span of 15 minutes. No one would ever be able to consume that much weed in such a short time span. Some of the symptoms when someone overdose on weed include dizziness, anxiety, headache, pale skin colour and hallucinations.


Myth #2: Marijuana isn’t addictive 

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Have you ever seen someone who started consuming weed stop doing it? Marijuana can, in fact, be addictive. The majority of the stoners tend to smoke a joint at least once every day, similar to smokers. Weed also has regular withdrawal symptoms, much like other drugs such as cravings, restlessness and irritability. The component found in marijuana that makes people addicted is called THC. Once you suddenly withdraw and THC is removed from your body, you no longer feel the stimulation that was once caused by it. Hence, your mood and sleep cycle will be affected. Many weed junkies assume it isn’t addictive just because it comes from a plant, and doesn’t categorize it as a drug. What they don’t know is the backend of it, which is the scientific component that causes addiction. 


Myth #3: The effects only happen in the brain

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People assume that marijuana only causes affect in the brain, which is why it promotes relaxation and calmness, along with the feeling of tiredness. What many people are unaware of is how the science of weed works. Scientists have done the research and came to the conclusion that weed does affect the body, such as an increased risk of stroke. Therefore, it could be a long-term game whereby marijuana may lead to stroke in the long run throughout the body. 


Myth #4: Marijuana helps people to be successful in life 


Some college or university students tend to take weed in order to pass their exams, claiming that it helps them to study and excel better. Contrary to popular belief, research has shown how in comparison with those that consume marijuana on a daily basis and the ones that do not, the latter tend to excel better in life. Smoking pot is known to affect one’s learning ability, which can be harmful if you start taking it while you’re young and still growing. Your concentration tends to get affected as well, which could result in you not being able to pay attention to certain things. In short, it could affect your overall potential in life compared to not taking it at all. 


Myth #5: It makes you violent 


When people place marijuana and a human together, they would automatically think he or she is a bad person. The stereotype associates stoners with criminal activities, assuming they would start doing crimes upon consuming marijuana. Technically, possessing marijuana itself already makes you a criminal in places where it is not legal, but other than that, you don’t become a robber within a few days once you smoke a joint. For instance, if you head to a weed dispensary in California, you will be considered a criminal since it is not legal. Stoners perform criminal tasks only because they choose to do it, not due to marijuana. 


Myth #6: You can the pass urine test 

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No, no matter that, if you consume any sort of drug, it WILL show through your urine. There is no way of escaping that. The only way to pass a urine test is by swiping it with someone else’s urine, provided they haven’t consumed any drug. Marijuana tends to stay up to 3 days or more, depending on how often you take it. If you consume it a few times a day, it will stay in your body for up to 30 days. Some people say you can take detox tea to prevent the signs of marijuana consumption from showing up in your urine, but in reality, it doesn’t work that way. It simply just dilutes your urine, but upon testing, signs will still show.