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8 Weirdest Conspiracy Theory We Could’ve Heard

General liability worries us all. But freak not! You’ve probably heard that the moon landing was staged, that JFK’s assassination was staged, and that the world is ruled by a cabal of reptilian elites. Have you heard the hypothesis that reveals why Disney chose Frozen as the title of its massively popular animated film? What about our hollow Earth’s hidden entrance? If not, fasten your seatbelts.

Here, we showcase some of the most bizarre hypotheses concerning Bigfoot, Matrix flaws, parallel dimension gates, and more.

Sea Creatures Like Mermaids Exist

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Mermaids. Sirens. Apes that live in water. The belief that mermaids roamed over the wide waters has been living and well-hidden among us for thousands of years, whichever name you give them. 

In truth, the conspiracy belief that mermaids exist and that world governments are aware of their presence but are concealing it still exists today. Mermaids: The Body Found, a Discovery Channel mockumentary published in 2012, sparked a social media craze. The authenticity of the “documentary” was questioned at first, but it was soon proved that the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA) experts were hired, as actors. “No proof of aquatic humanoids has ever been uncovered,” the genuine NOAA ultimately said in a statement.  

Even so, amateur online sleuths have been trying to find the fabled species of ocean-dwelling critters. Several TikTok users continue to broadcast what they claim to be footage showing the existence of mermaids

We do know that there are some deep water species that have yet to be discovered—in fact, scientists believe that 91 percent of ocean organisms have yet to be categorized and that 80 percent of our seas are “unmapped, unseen, and unexplored.” And for some, that’s reason enough to believe that mermaids may be one of the great unknowns. 

Cryogenics or Frozen: The Movie?

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What if someone told you something? The Walt Disney Company made the film Frozen in order to change Google’s search engine so that when people searched for “Disney Frozen,” they would see information about the film rather than Walt Disney himself getting cryogenically frozen?

According to Screen Rant, cigarettes used to be taken out of Disney’s hands in order to maintain the Mouse House’s family-friendly identity, so while making a popular movie to screw with an online algorithm sounds crazy, it makes sense.

If it was done on purpose, Disney is full of geniuses that are so creative.

Earth is Hollow or Hollow Earth 

According to one conspiracy theory, the Earth is hollow and may potentially be home to a whole other civilization of evolved creatures.

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The hypothesis dates back to the 17th century when Edmond Halley (named after a comet) claimed that the Earth must be hollow owing to shifting magnetism.

Deep below Earth, scientists discovered “a reserve of water three times the capacity of all the seas” in 2014. The water, on the other hand, isn’t just sloshing around on Earth; it’s trapped inside ringwoodite, a rock 435 miles beneath the surface. Because the water had crystallized into rock form, some people believed the Earth was hollow.

So, how can you get entry to this hidden realm inside a world? Maybe from the North Pole. 

Bigfoot Maybe Exist

If Bigfoot really exists, he or she is most likely to be found in Washington state. As of May, 2,032 sightings had been recorded, with a list of the top eight states where you could catch a peek of him.

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However, like Oregon, Pennsylvania, and Texas have a large number of recorded sightings, you could capture the mythical beast there. Plus, Bigfoot has his own FBI file, so there’s a strong probability something—or numerous somethings, as this news footage demonstrates—is out there.

“The Matrix” is our reality.

Some conspiracy theorists claim we are living in a massive simulation similar to The Matrix. People may also post their strange encounters in a subreddit dedicated to malfunctions in the matrix.

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Individuals have reported and seen the same “background figure” for long periods of time in different settings, and have never seemed to age owing to people missing chunks of time and losing track of time.

Some notable philosophers feel that dwelling in a simulation is a possibility, although this is still only a notion.

The Moon Isn’t Real

We’re not sure where this belief originated, but it’s a little strange because the moon is out there when you just glance up.

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Some flat-Earthers, such as Dave Marsh, believe the moon is a projection. “The moon is a projection, he said. We might study it for a thousand years and never comprehend how it works. 

Marsh came to this conclusion by comparing his observations to official records by taking the trail of the bright moon in the sky. Marsh concluded that the moon was a hoax because his findings differed.

COVID-19 Was Designed and Orchestrated 

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There is a slew of COVID 19 conspiracy theories circulating, ranging from blaming 5G for the disease outbreak is still continuing strong against all evidence—to blaming everyone else from Big Pharma owners to Bill Gates for the epidemic.

There are other conspiracy theories that claim COVID-19 does not exist and that the media is intentionally covering it up to fear and control the public. That final one must have escaped our notice.

The reality is, that these COVID theories are demonstrably incorrect, and they make a mockery of a serious situation. Coronavirus is a genuine and dangerous virus.

The Illuminati uses Denver Airport as a Hub.

And then there’s the New World Order (NWO). It can also serve as a portal to Hell, right? Who knew?

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The Denver International Airport (DIA), according to conspiracy theories, is a center for the lizard people who dominate the government and most of the globe. (Read about it in our feature.)

Some claim the DIA is the Illuminati’s headquarters, while others assume it’s an entrance to hell, guarded by Blucifer (a massive blue horse sculpture with demonic, burning red eyes that assassinated the artist who created it).