latest nft game news malaysia market

Alien Worlds NFT Game: The Ultimate Beginner’s Guide

In this technology era, the development of digital technology has permeated our daily lives so much that it almost feels like a second life for us. For us to advance in using technology, we must be able to successfully compete with others by becoming wise and smart users. As the digital world is growing day by day, it has enriched our lives in so many ways. These advantages include enabling communication over long distances across the world, expanding knowledge and comprehension of the world, online shopping, sending texts, and obtaining information quickly and expeditiously. 

latest nft game news malaysia market

Today the reliance on the advent of digital technology is extraordinary. Before going to sleep we’ll scroll for information on the virtual screen and even after we wake up, we’ll continue doing the same thing every day. It’s almost like we can’t seem to function without relying on it. Not only technology has changed the way we socialize and learn, but it has also changed the way we work, conduct businesses, and earn our income. The same thing happened to the professional industry including the business, art, and gaming industry. 

Today, with the advent of technology, many people have been opting for a new way of earning money which is through online platforms. They have been creating, selling, buying, trading, and investing their money in digital assets called NFTs. With the rising trend of NFTs, more and more people are joining the bandwagon and generating their income through NFTs.

NFTs In The World Of Digital Technology

Imagine paying millions of dollars for a single digital artwork, image, game, or video. Sounds ridiculous, right? In the realm of NFTs, which consists of digital assets that live on blockchain technology, people purchasing them with a large sum of money happen every day. In this digital world, NFTs make it possible for many people to generate their income through online platforms.

A non-fungible token, or NFT for short, is one of the most popular trends in the digital world with a growing number of people starting to join the bandwagon. Similar to art paintings, or historic structures, these digital assets are unique, special, and very valuable. NFTs are built on blockchain technology and have distinctive identifying metadata and codes that distinguish them from one another. Blockchain technology helps store all the data in a way that makes it hard or impossible to defraud the system. 

latest nft game news malaysia market

Digital artwork, games, tweets, and music are some items included in NFT since they can be easily made from digital elements. Many art collectors and trading enthusiasts have been into NFTs nowadays as they can also be utilized as investment and digital assets. 

If you follow the social media trends, you’ll be aware that NFT games are a new trend that has emerged in the NFT market. You might be interested to start playing these games and join the bandwagon given how Non-Fungible Tokens (NFTs) have been the topic of debate on social media. Especially for gamers, this might be the ideal method to merge your two passions if you’re a player and an investor in NFTs.

The Launch of NFT Games

latest nft game news malaysia market

In the early phase of NFTs, they are initially only utilized for collecting purposes. According to the latest NFT game news Malaysia market,  NFT games have now been introduced and will continue to develop in the future thanks to the growing number of artistic influences from vintage games like Pokemon. NFT games include a play-to-earn business model that gives users the chance of making money while playing the games. Players in these games are awarded tokens for each time the victory is gained, and the more time they spend playing, the more and more tokens they can earn. But before signing up for any of these games, players must first pay for their first investment. 

The allure of NFT gaming is the creation of limited-edition, non-fungible tokens that are exchangeable and live on a decentralized digital database powered by blockchain technology. This gives players the chance to truly own a game by giving them the power to exchange, design, and use NFTs.

The NFT game, Alien Worlds, has gained over one million users making it the most popular game on the NFT gaming platform. This game allows its players to go on missions in the NFT metaverse and find the NFTs, which can subsequently be utilized for mining the “Trillium” and engaging in combat. The rarity and uniqueness of NFTs vary, which affects how much they are worth in the game.

The Overview of the Alien Worlds Game

latest nft game news malaysia market

The game has 18 levels overall and consists of three worlds each. Trillium, the game’s currency, can be exchanged for real money. Your earnings will rise as you successfully finish more stages or levels. The more levels you are in, the more Alien Tokens you will be able to gain each time. Every planet has unique traits and is controlled by a unique set of terms and conditions.

The cryptocurrency you earn by playing Alien Worlds is called Trillium (TLM). The amount of TLM you receive from mining depends on the mining equipment you have and the location of the mining. 

The first thing that you need to do is create a WAX wallet. Next, you will need to set up your account, create your own avatar and you’re all set. Before entering the first world, you must first complete eight training missions. After that, you can proceed through five more levels before having the access to the Aliens Space. You must purchase your first planet in Aliens World before you can begin. Once you have it, you can mine crystals with Aliens tokens that you have. 

latest nft game news malaysia market

NFTs have been employed in Alien Worlds as weapons, characters, lands, and tools. If you succeed in getting a stronger tool in the game, you are now able to hold ownership of the tool. Aliens World offers several ways to earn money, including mining Trillium and selling it on an outside exchange marketplace. You can also sell the resources from the mining on the in-game marketplace.

Indeed, there is a reason behind the popularity of the Alien World game. The game has gained its well-deserved popularity by guaranteeing and assuring thrilling rewards to its players.