Aliens In Children’s Shows

Aliens are a recurring theme in many movies, not just for adults but kids. So many animated alien movies go through a blender render farm software and come out a hit for children. Compared to the scary way that aliens are portrayed in movies for adults, it is the complete opposite for kids, where they seem friendly and cute. They are also portrayed in different forms rather than just the common one of the grey alien with an inflamed head and big eyes. Some are blue, and some are pink. Some are furry, and some have scales, but they all share the theme of bringing joy and fun to their children’s viewers. 

Planet 51

Great alien movies frequently include extraterrestrials coming to Earth, but what about human space exploration? By telling the story from the viewpoint of the people who live on the titular planet, this film turns the genre’s conventions on their heads. Planet 51 has a startling resemblance to Earth in the 1950s. Its occupants have elf ears and snail antennae and are human-like in physique but green in colour. They hold relics from the history of humanity’s space exploration and live peacefully in their world. Due to its extensive collection of 1950s-era artefacts, Planet 51 has fully embraced the decade’s fashion and lifestyle trends.

The residents’ lives go on as usual without incident until they all of a sudden become aware of an alien visitor. Naturally frightened, its armed forces are preparing the planet for a massive invasion. It turns out to be NASA astronaut Charles Baker, also known as Chuck, and only one of him exists. Chuck anticipates setting up a flag and leaving immediately, but he soon finds himself in a confrontation with Planet 51’s authorities. Chuck must find his way back to his spacecraft and flee to avoid dying an untimely death due to the actions of hostile forces, with the aid of a young man named Lem, who has a deep interest in space.

Monsters VS Aliens

Susan Murphy leads a comparatively routine life. Although Susan is betrothed to a well-known weatherman, her life is otherwise uncomplicated. Until a meteorite hits her, that is. Susan begins to glow eerily green before growing enormous. She is quickly snatched up and sent to a government research lab, where she is paired with other monsters. Unbeknownst to Susan, the meteorite that had impacted her contained a substance called a quantum, a high-energy substance greatly sought after across space. The existence of Earth’s quantum and Susan as a carrier is discovered by an alien commander. He dispatches a probe to look into it.

The decision is made that the kidnapped monsters can aid in the effort to eliminate the intergalactic menace after the idea of an alien invasion is raised. The probe arrives and tries to steal the quantum that Susan’s body has stored, putting everyone around her in serious danger. Together, the monsters can destroy the probe, but the ambition-driven alien commander is unaffected and travels to Earth to carry out his plan.

Lilo & Stitch

Lilo is a special girl. She has no friends, and her peers don’t seem to appreciate her eccentricities. After their parents died in a vehicle accident, Nani, her older sister, took up the role of guardian for her. Even with all of her efforts, Nani is having trouble. She must balance fulfilling her duties as a surrogate parent, making enough money to put food on the table, and continuing to live somewhat normally. Despite continually putting herself last, Nani still lacks the time necessary to keep the house clean and Lilo’s energy under control.

A visit from the girls’ social worker is a complete failure, and Nani is warned that Lilo will be placed in foster care if things don’t get better. Nani chooses to rescue a dog to provide Lilo with something to concentrate on. Lilo chooses not to adopt one of the adorable mutts at the pound, which is unfortunate for Nani. Stitch, a creature of unknown origin, is the one she chooses instead. Stitch is an alien who managed to get away from the Galactic Federation’s grasp. Stitch tries to act like a family pet but has trouble because he is more concerned with avoiding capture than with being cute.


We are acquainted with the hero Metro Man and his foe, Megamind, in this traditional superhero tale with a few unexpected twists. The two have been at odds ever since they were transported to Earth as infants. Megamind utilises copper to weaken his adversary so that he can be killed with a death ray after realising that the metal drains Metro Man’s strength.

Despite his initial joy, Megamind quickly realises that he is bored now that Metro Man has been defeated. He makes the decision to use a serum derived from Metro Man’s DNA to replicate the superhero. Accidentally injecting the drug into Hal, a helpless cameraman, forces Megamind to train him while still hiding his identity.

Megamind also establishes a friendship with newscaster Roxanne Ritchi while he is hiding. Hal, who has changed into the superhero Titan, is envious and tries to stop the hidden Megamind. In the process, Megamind’s cover is broken in front of Roxanne and Hal, ruining the entire scheme. One superhero is all that’s needed. But, surely, Metro Man is no more, right?


Whether or not aliens exist in real life, they have been too real in our minds for decades. How can something that could or couldn’t be real have such a big impact on people that it has successfully made its way into our programming? It has been introduced to a blender render farm to make it marketable to children. Seems like someone is going to a lot of trouble to  make sure that we never forget about what could be out there