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An Aspiring Alien Chaser? Here Are The Tools You Need

As great as the galaxies across our universe are, it appears that extra terrestrial creatures have found their place here in our own milky way. Several sightings of UFOs and strange-like, humanoid figures that could not be of this earth are reported almost yearly. Tagged along are the significant number of frequencies and radio transmissions that emit odd sounds of the ET variety. With all the evidence that surrounds us, who’s to say that alien life forms do not exist? And more importantly, how are we certain that these beings do not live among us, dwelling in the shadows.

There are numerous cases that continue to support the idea of ET life form on our home planet, earth, including the suspicious Area 51 that remains heavily guarded by militia in the USA. Conspiracy theories are abundant surrounding the pyramids of Egypt and the plausibility of their structure, as well as the numerous strange lightning phenomena and flying objects that make their appearances in our atmosphere time and again.

It is no wonder that some people dedicate their lives to the chase to find the truth, and you could be one of the growing communities dedicated to seeking answers. Alien chasers are not violent people, but instead they seek to communicate with the superior beings, hold discourse and ultimately learn their ways, their cultures and ultimately how they came to exist. If you aspire to lead the life of an alien chaser, there are certain equipment and tools to get a hold of to help ease your journey as well as make it more fruitful.

A Vehicle With Substantial Strength

A large vehicle that runs steady is always a good idea in the case that you need to zip after clues in a variety of terrestrial landscapes. A 4×4 vehicle like the Jeep Gladiator Rubicon, or the Armoured Chevrolet Suburban HD are good cars to get you around. The Jeep is perfect for landscapes that require rough navigating. It handles crude terrains well. The Chevrolet, however, is perfect for the suburban chases that take you from city to city. It is an inconspicuous car carrying space for your equipment for easy mobility. Some may prefer the Outside Van Mercedes-Benz Sprinter 4×4 Conversion which also comes with a large space capacity to put in your devices and equipment, transforming the back to a laboratory. It also carries a compact living area and contains solar panels to power all your equipment for the long days away from the city.


As an alien chaser, you are not just a livid individual chasing after a dream or illusion. You are, ultimately, a scientist, gathering facts and data, necessary information and statistics and recording occurrences, thoughts and hypotheses to be tested. As a scientist, you need the best laboratory furniture Malaysia to appropriately accommodate your findings and help you, too, consolidate them. 

A calculator is not enough to calculate the material you are going to find. These are terrestrial organisms from various platforms coming in various forms. They require a creative thinking capacity. Transforming an office into a lab station will require some of the top satellite systems that are within the allowance of the average system, which, as you can guess, interferes with the progressive nature of your findings. However, as a scientist you work with what you have. Some of the best equipment recommended by fellow chasers and enthusiasts include satellites, telescopes and computer devices to record your observations.

Night vision goggles, telescopes, binoculars and digital video cameras with good microphone capabilities are some of the most important tools as a UFO hunter. Safety tools  are another important measure to take into consideration. While ETs may not have any malintentions, you need to be prepared. One handy item is the UFO-02 Detector. This apparatus detects if you are in the company of strange magnetic forces which could easily be read as the presence of a UFO or ET. Night vision cameras that are sensitive to movement in minimal lighting are great for those nighttime viewings and searches.

Extra Tools And Advice

As with any adventure, some essentials are a must-have. These can include maps, books on star navigation and phenomena, GPS systems, torches and first-aid kits. Learn to take care of your needs and carry not just your equipment that caters to the search for alien life from, but also equipment that keeps you as safe as possible.

Some extra help may be required to navigate this exciting journey. For instance, joining a community that is also dedicated to your passions can be helpful. With their knowledge on sightings, equipment recommendations and ratings and well as information on various material and data can be helpful in getting you the support you need. Alien hunting can be surrounded by a lot of negativity and jeering from the community, therefore finding like-minded individuals who also understand your quest and share your enthusiasm can be reassuring. Take advantage of these.