Area 51 101: What Exactly Goes On Inside?

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So, what exactly do we know about Area 51? 

Area 51 pertains to a map location and is the name for a U.S. Air Force base at Groom Lake. Groom Lake is a dry lake bed located in the Nevada Desert, around 135km (85 miles) north of Las Vegas.

What happens inside this territory is top secret. People are kept away by armed guards, electronic surveillance, and warning signs. Moreover, while the site can now be seen on satellite images, it’s still illegal to fly over Area 51. The base’s runaways are up to 2.3 miles/3.7kmb (12,000ft) long.

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Area 51 is beside two other restricted military bases: the Nevada Test and Training Range, and the Nevada Test Site, where United States nuclear weapons were tested back from the 1950s through the 1990s. 

The whole range covers over 2.9 million acres of land. As per the United States, Area 51 represents a multidimensional, realistic, and flexible battle-space to implement testing strategies, as well as advanced training.

Why was it built? 

Area 51 was built during the Soviet Union and the United States’ Cold War. It was created as a development and testing facility for aircraft.

The facility opened in 1955. However, its existence was only acknowledged officially by the CIA back in August 2013. President Barack Obama was the very first American president to mention its existence publicly. 

What happens there today?

Although official details are sparse, it is said that the United States military continues to utilize the area to develop advanced aircraft. Around 1,500 individuals are believed to work there. Many of those workers are commuting on charter flights from the city of Las Vegas.

Are there flying sources and aliens at Area 51?

The secrecy surrounding the place has fueled tons of conspiracy theories. The most popular one is the claim that Area 51 houses an alien spacecraft, as well as the bodies of its pilots. This was after a spacecraft crashed at Roswell, New Mexico, back in 1947. The American government says that what crashed was just a weather balloon, and there were no aliens.

The association of Area 51 with aliens may have served as a good distraction for intelligence agencies.

What happens if people suddenly visit Area 51?

Different warning signs around the area make it clear that zero trespassers will be tolerated. According to the USAF, the place is an opening training range for the United States Air Force. They discourage any person from trying to visit the area where they train the armed forces. They added that the air force stands prepared to protect the United States and all of its assets.

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