Area 51 Conspiracies

Alien area

In 1955, as per a recently declassified report by the CIA, secret operatives went through the western United States for a remote area where the government can assess a U-2 spy plane prototype. They flew over Groom Lake, Nevada, and found exactly what they were looking for. The place was called Area 51. For several years, authorities tried to avoid or even acknowledge, the secret base’s operations, let alone saying anything about the secret aerospace research that happened there. Below are just some of the conspiracies that surround the area.

Dead Alien Autopsies Took Place At Area 51.

This idea has been dominating popular culture since the 1990s when a film surfaced showing a team of humans wearing biohazard protection suits removing organs and cutting open what appeared to be an alien corpse. Many years later, the producers of the film released a sequel, in which they all admitted that it’s a fake. But, they said that they only did it to replace a genuine video that had been damaged. 

The American Government Reverse-Engineers E.T. Spacecraft At Area 51.

Back in 1989, Bob Lazar said that he had been hired to work as a researcher at S-4, a secretive part of Area 51. He said that this department is so secretive that he and his co-employees were taken there in vehicles with blacked-out windows. He claimed that he saw flying saucers in S-4’s hangars. These saucers were powered by so-called antimatter reactors, fueled by Element 115, a reddish-orange substance.

Area 51 Is An Interrogation Center For Captured Extraterrestrials.

For conspiracy theorists, Area 51 serves as the prison equivalent for Guantanamo Bay’s accused terrorists. The only difference is that its detainees are aliens. Bob Lazar, in one of his recommendations, said that while being guided at S-4’s hallway, he saw gray, small aliens standing between men in white coats. Another whistleblower, named Victor, claimed that he also worked for Area 51, and witnessed an alien interrogation. He even showed a grainy video that shows an officer trying to communicate telepathically with a small E.T. pilot who had been shot down by the American military.

Area 51 Is The Headquarters Of A “Secret One-World Government.”

Some people speculate that Area 51’s test range is the logical area for Majestic 12. MJ-12 was supposedly founded as a blue-ribbon panel of military leaders and scientists established by President Harry Truman. It was started shortly after the flying disk crash at Roswell, New Mexico. According to conspiracy theorists, Majestic 12 made contact with the extraterrestrials and then brokered a meeting with Pres. Dwight Eisenhower. 

aliens standing

Area 51 Is A Breeding Place For Alien-Human Hybrids.

Several conspiracy theorists suspect that Area 51 has been co-opted by aliens and that the small, gray creatures are now running the show and sharing authority. According to some people, government officials are working alongside aliens in an effort to breed human-alien hybrids.  

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