Area 51: How The Popular United States Military Base Served As The Heart Of Alien Conspiracy Theories

Alien pointing finger

Area 51 is now considered as the center of a pop culture phenomenon for alien conspiracy theorists and enthusiasts. But, just how did the popular United States military base become associated with alien life?

Located just 134km northwest of Las Vegas is a road heading out to Nevada’s ‘Extraterrestrial Highway’ and down to Homey Airport. This is home to a controversial US military base.

Area 51 With Warning Signs

What lies within Area 51 is a mystery to the public. People call it various names, including Training Range, Nevada Test, Red Square, and Paradise Ranch. The secret base is located at the heart of the Nevada desert and has dominated pop culture as the world’s most popular alien hotspot. 

How did Area 51 become associated with alien folklore? Is the United States really dealing with alien lifeforms inside this base?

Commissioned President Eisenhower back in 1954, Area 51 was built to test spy airplanes far away from people’s eyes. Their ultimate goal was to infiltrate the nuclear weapons program of the Soviet Union.

Space was already used as an area for nuclear weapon testing in World War II. It was a great location far from the public’s eye. The result of the espionage work accomplished at Area 51 would ultimately be crucial in maintaining the nation’s superpower status.

The Birth Of A Cult Phenomenon

The most popular conspiracy theory, also called the ‘Roswell Incident’, came to life in 1947. This was when metal debris and rods were found by a New Mexico farmer. The debris was eventually taken away by the American military. At the time, there were rumors that those are parts of an alien aircraft, and had been taken to Area 51 to be reverse-engineered.

While that theory was always out there, it wasn’t until an interview with Robert Lazar that the idea of the location being the epicenter of alien activity took off. Robert Lazar participated anonymously in an interview with a Las Vegas news station. He claimed that his job was to study spacecraft of aliens, and then re-engineer them for the American military’s own use. He even claimed to have seen the alien himself.

In the following years, he became a cult hero of many conspiracy theorists. His credentials were quickly discredited, but his interviews would forever connect Area 51 to the unknown creatures of outer space.

As the Area 51 phenomenon grew in the 1980s and 1990s, it eventually took on a life of its own in popular culture. With X-Files, a fictional TV series, continually referenced the facility with the U.S. government’s agenda to keep alien life a secret. 

Area 51 always held a strong presence within the media. While there’s has been zero admission of extraterrestrial activity inside the facility, the facts surrounding the place continue to remain a mystery.

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