Best 2020’s Thriller/Conspiracy Movies


2020 must definitely have not been generous to us. With COVID-19 that has existed inside us, we are moved to social distancing conditions. To fulfill your entertainment needs, here are some of the 2020’s finest thriller and conspiracy movies. Make sure to also check out this link to find out more about forex trading in Malaysia. 

The Devil All the Time

“Only In The Presence Of Death Could He Feel The Presence Of Something Like God.”

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Humans are complex creatures. With the only living being who has a sense of common and a mind of rationality, it is said in the bible that humans live as the true reflection of God itself. But is it always like that though? Sometimes, human lives even worse than the devil itself. Quoting from the narrator from the movie, “Some people were born just so they can be buried,” This movie shows to you how humans can become so cruel and sadistic by hiding under the name of God. It shows what a human is capable of when his mind is corrupt and shines away from the light itself. 

Filled with all-stars cast with the names like Tom Holland, Robert Pattinson, Bill Skarsgård, Jason Clarke, and Mia Wasikowska, this movie does not play around with its talents for the movie. It is fun seeing Spiderman and our future Batman speaking in a thick and strong southern accent.

With the concept of a mystery thriller, its cruelty and inhuman aspects really make the viewers on the edge of their seat. We are being given the facts that even humans could be more inhuman than the devil itself. The Devil All the Time really gives us a fresh new breath on the mystery genre and certainly deserves its spots on one of the top 10 Netflix movies in Malaysia.

Project Power

“You’re young, you’re black. you’re a woman, the system is designed to swallow you whole.”

The only superhero movie on this list came from Netflix itself. It is weird to talk about the superhero genre without involving any materials from DC or Marvel. Netflix tackles the genre with a story about a pill that would give you a random superpower for the next 5 minutes after you consumed it. Sounds fun right? Filled with superstars like Jamie Foxx and Joseph Gordon-Levitt, this movie premise is beyond what we want from the superhero genre.

As promising as the premise sound, Netflix does not really hit the target with this particular flick. The movie feels rushed, the storyline does not really provide anything, and the character development is not really there to compliment the main cast acting. As the movie progresses to become interesting, it feels like the movie is really afraid to take the risk. Even with the stellar cast, the movie just fell a bit short of what it was supposed to be. Visit this link to find out more about  Forex trader in Malaysia

With that being said, the movie itself still gives the viewers a new and fresh idea in the superhero genre. The acting from Jamie Foxx and the thriller and action from the movie are really the redeeming quality from the movie. Overall, the movie might not live up to the hype, but it is still an enjoyable movie to watch and it deserves its spot on the top 10 most-watched movies on Netflix Malaysia in 2020. If you like to read anything related to thriller conspiracy theories, click here.


“#Alive is a fairly inventive apocalyptic thriller that is given added heft because of the raging pandemic.”

COVID-19 has become the hottest topic for the year 2020. How can it not be the major topic of the year? The pandemic has become a major issue worldwide and has changed our society’s life entirely. Because of the pandemic, everyone’s life has become so much different. New terms such as remote working and work from home have been introduced to promote social distancing in order to reduce the spread of the COVID-19 virus. Social distancing has become a new lifestyle for us in order to survive the pandemic.

What if I told you that there is a movie that relates to this topic? This horror movie has clear similarities to the isolation battles faced by so many during the quarantine of COVID-19. The main character is exactly like us during the pandemic. He can not go outside and he is stuck at his home. For us the viewers, we can relate to the main character in the movie since, in our pandemic situation, we are also not allowed to go outside our home, and especially in Malaysia, the government has issued a movement restriction control order as well. 

But still, the movie does not really give us any deep character development for the main character. It feels like the main character is just there to fill in the gap for the character aspect. With that being said, the movie still gives zombie movie fans great entertainment overall. As one of the top 10 most-watched Netflix movies in Malaysia, it is surely worth your time to binge on this Korean horror thriller movie. Check out this link to find out more about the best broker in Malaysia.