Best Alien Games To Play Right Now

Best Alien Games To Play Right Now

There’s no denying that alien-themed games are popular among players. The genre offers countless opportunities at your disposal, whether you’re fleeing for your life in a horror-thriller environment, exploring a wide area of alien worlds, or negotiating with newfound alien allies. Before we start to introduce the best alien game you need to play right now, check out High quality Minecraft skins available. Here are some of the top alien-themed video games, all of them are guaranteed to grab and hold your interest:

1. Halo: The Master Chief Collection (PC/XBOX)

Halo: The Master Chief Collection (PC/XBO)

This eagerly anticipated bundle gives you everything you need to explore the Halo universe and combines six games into a seamless experience. Ideal for stepping out into the world and incredibly nostalgic for readers who are familiar with the tale!

Take part in the epic stories told in the campaigns of Halo: Reach, Halo: Combat Evolved, Halo 2, Halo 3, Halo 3: ODST, and Halo 4. There are 67 separate campaign missions in total, so there is a tonne to do and interact with in this bundle.

Create your own Spartan using the updated cosmetics, then engage in multiplayer battles with your pals. There are numerous ways to enjoy this iconic game thanks to its 120 unique maps, modes, and game styles.

2. Half-Life: Alyx (PC)

Half Life: Alyx (PC)

This VR experience will totally immerse you in the setting and is a much-anticipated return to the Half-Life franchise. Play as Alyx Vance, the leader of a resistance movement, and engage in battle with the Combine. You exist as humanity’s last holdout and best hope, conducting covert scientific research to try to figure out exactly how to stop the spread of the alien invasion.

Explore the world, solve riddles, engage in close interaction with the environment, and engage in an intense battle. You can truly dig through shelves with your hands, hunch around corners, and duck beneath overhangs because the entire game is built around the VR experience. Because the game incorporates your actions, it is highly immersive.

This game is hailed as essential. This game will astonish you and keep doing so even when you think it can no longer with a gripping narrative, entertaining characters that bring the environment to life, and incredible graphics that transport you there.

3. Subnautica: Below Zero (PC/PS4/PS5/Nintendo Switch)

Subnautica: Below Zero (PC/PS4/PS5/Nintendo Switch)

In this Subnautica sequel, visit planet 4546B one more! A scientist determined to research this planet’s distinctive ecosystems and lifeforms while also trying to figure out what actually happened to your sister out here, Alterra’s return to the planet takes place in the ice region glimpsed at the conclusion of the original Subnautica. Explore the northern part of the earth and uncover submerged research stations to piece together a dreadful truth.

In this instalment of Subnautica, you’ll come across intriguing extraterrestrial animals both below and above the waves! You must learn to adjust to their actions in order to survive because the area is home to whole new creatures. Others will undoubtedly try their hardest to completely destroy you, while some may be amicable or completely indifferent to your presence. There are new obstacles to overcome and new dangers to your existence around every corner due to the new weather patterns and the vast quantities of snowy plains.

As always, Subnautica’s settings are breathtaking, stunning immersive experiences. With its dynamic landscapes and incredible ecosystems, Below Zero is not an anomaly and will continue to astound you. Build your own base, create crafty means of navigating the waves and the ice above, and try your hardest to survive on a planet that is actively out to get you. The narrative in Below Zero is unmatched and utterly captivating. Your mind will be blown.



The human species has been pushed to the point of extinction because cruel extraterrestrial overlords govern Earth. You and your strike squad live on the periphery of society, retaliating whenever you can, even as major cities are being altered to serve their new rulers and a dreadful secret hangs over the entire planet. Failure is very likely, but you are humanity’s sole ray of hope!

Choose the exact location where you want your strike force to strike. Give your army a variety of missions to complete, such as protecting civilians or battling extraterrestrial foes.

You may create your team exactly how you like because it is highly customisable. Each of your soldiers has particular advantages and disadvantages of their own. If your squad survives will depend on your decisions.

The alien occupation vastly outnumbers and outguns you, so you must make wise decisions or risk losing squad members. Once a soldier passes away, it’s irreversible, and you have to replace them with a brand-new recruit who doesn’t yet know the drill! Once a soldier passes away, it’s irreversible, and you have to replace them with a brand-new recruit who doesn’t yet know the drill! XCOM is incredibly replayable and will keep you interested over and over again with its variety of map variations and battles.

5. Crysis 3 (PC/PS3)

Crysis 3 (PC/PS3)

The Crysis tale is continued in this action-packed game. With a few additional inquiries into the wicked C.E.L.L business that has turned New York City into an urban rainforest, you are still looking for the Alpha Ceph. Of course, the aim is to save the globe.

You can accomplish practically anything if you have a cutting-edge Nanosuit. You get to decide how you approach the combat in this game, whether you want to sneak up on your opponents and quickly render them helpless or charge into the fray with guns blazing and frags flying!

Learn how to employ a variety of incredibly entertaining weapon options in each of their specific tactical contexts.

6. The Universim (PC)

The Universim (PC)

In this Early Access game, you take control of a planet while guiding a civilization through the ages. As your civilization grows from nothing to an empire, you will have to contend with the shifting ecosystems of each distinct planet you visit and make critical decisions that could alter the entire path of history.

Each of the Nuggets, a race of alien lifeforms, has its own distinct qualities just like any other living thing. Attend to their requirements, aid in their evolution, and watch as they develop into whole individuals! Every decision you make in your world has an impact on how everything else on the earth functions, whether you choose to go hunting or cut down trees. When taking from Nature, it’s best to use caution!