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Halloween Fiesta: Haunted House and Halloween Traditions

Halloween, with its ghosts and goblins, is coming up soon. People who like horror and thriller stories might want to look their best for a Halloween party with a bunch of friends, or they might want to set up their house in a scary way that makes people jump when they come to visit.


But keep in mind that when you decorate your house for Halloween, you should make sure the decorations won't hurt you in any other way. Damaged floors make a building look older, but they can also be dangerous if you almost trip over them every time you walk by. So, it's fine to do flood damage restoration to make sure the floor is safe, and you can add fake elements or cracks to make the room feel more scary.

Aliens In Children’s Shows

Aliens are a recurring theme in many movies, not just for adults but for kids as well. There are so many animated alien movies that go through a blender render farm software and come out a hit for children. Compared to the scary way that aliens are portrayed in movies for adults, it is the complete opposite for kids where they seem friendly, and cute. They are also portrayed in different forms rather than just the common one of the grey alien with an inflamed head and big eyes.

Alien Movies You Should Sit Back And Enjoy The Show

After a marathon of watching live streams of your favorite sports like crickets through ipl live streaming app, you might want to take it down a notch from the active competitiveness for a more laid-back, entertaining distraction. The fictional idea of science fiction has never failed to impress us with its made up plot that can actually get you gripping onto your seat for everything to unfold. Aliens, astronauts, time travel – you name it, everything is there for the geeks. Throughout the years, the variety of sci-fi films for all to watch has continuously grown, beginning with something a little obscure until it became hugely influential.

Omelas: A Dystopia You Do Not Want To Live

It may give you eternal happiness, but what if one has to suffer alone in your stead? Have you ever wondered, the strangest yet cruel...

How ‘The Platform’ Scares Us More Than Alien Invasion

Here are the reasons The Platform is an appetite-losing, graphically uncomfortable yet an explicitly good film that can sends a chill down your spine more than your typical alien invasion that kidnaps you from Earth:

Weird alien planet may be core of stripped-down gas giant

A distant world about 40 times more massive than Earth may be the remnant core of a giant planet, or a giant planet in...

Heavy-metal alien planet may be shaped like a football

An exoplanet may be shaped like an American football due to the mighty gravitational forces it experiences close to its star, a new study...

Will 2020 Be the Year We Find Intelligent Alien Life?

In the past three decades, scientists have found more than 4,000 exoplanets. And the discoveries will keep rolling in; observations suggest that every star...

Dusty alien planets could be more likely to harbor life, study suggests

Dusty alien planets might have a better chance at harboring life, a new study suggests. Scientists studying the potential habitability of alien worlds look at...

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The Timelessness Of The Thing (1982)

Thanks to your website design agency, you can take a break from your website building routine for the time being. If there is a movie to get yourself lost into, it is The Thing.


40 years after its release, The Thing is still revered as a fantastic alien horror film to this day, which is wonderful when you compare it to its contemporary reception at its days upon its release. It was stomped on by critics like policemen in a student protest so hard that it almost killed the director, John Carpenter’s, career.

John Carpenter said that The Thing was machine gunned by hails of negative reception because it was the complete opposite of other films like ET: The Extra Terrestrial, another alien film that is adventurous, light hearted, and dramatic.

Aliens Culture In Japan

Japan is a beautiful, mysterious country with its own unique charm. When discussing Japan, many people focus on the work of its world-class cartoonists, its beautiful landscapes, its long history, its entertainment and celebrity culture, or its delicious Japanese food. However, in addition to these things, there is also a mysterious, but much-discussed, aspect of Japan's things, which is Japan's aliens urban legend.


When the concept of aliens was first introduced and even explored, there were naturally many repercussions in Japan, and many legends of aliens. I will briefly introduce some of these alien-related things that have emerged in Japan.

Terminal Invasion: The Alien Attack


They did show a little bit of the airport and the airport transportation services that are involved in the setting and in the making of the movie. It showed the relevance of the airport, airplanes which they would eventually relate it with the movie and its stories being entrapped in a wall together with aliens. In a nutshell it's a story of how survivors are trapped and how they managed to escape. In a sense that it would make people wonder who would actually be the alien and when people start to figure out that there are alot of aliens, they begin to think who all it would be.

The Representations of Aliens In Modern Media And Pop Culture

By the end of the nineteenth century, only a few stories about alien visitors had found their way into popular culture (pop culture). Although some authors had written stories about extraterrestrials and their civilizations before the publication of "The War of the Worlds", unfortunately most failed to gain widespread popularity among readers, and even in electronic media as television was not even invented at that time. In this current time, we also find out that several people think that invest in life and disability insurance plan Malaysia  is such an ‘’alien’’ thing (don’t forget to invest in an insurance plan, please). But have you ever thought about how the media and pop culture in the modern days shape our mindset about aliens?