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There could be more than 30 ‘active’ alien civilisations in our galaxy, major study finds

There could be more than 30 alien civilisations in our galaxy, researchers have found in a major study. A new paper looked to understand...

8 things millennials Life on Mars could be found within two years but world is ‘not prepared’, Nasa’s chief scientist saysyou would just stop...

Nasa is close to finding life on Mars but the world is not ready for the “revolutionary” implications of the discovery, the space agency’s...

Nasa funds major new search for signs of life elsewhere in the universe

Nasa is funding a major new search for alien life elsewhere in the universe. The project – which is being run by scientists at...

K2-18b: ‘super-earth’ that could host alien life is discovered

A little-known planet 111 light years away could be a ‘scaled-up version of Earth’ which is able to host alien life, according to new...

New Mars rover will visit perfect spot to find signs of life, says scientists

On some sunny day next summer, in front of a crowd at Kennedy Space Centre, a rocket carrying Nasa's next, best hope at finding...

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Sci-Fi Enthusiasts: Top Sci-Fi Games To Try Out


Video games have been around for a long time, and like books and movies, they come in many different types that can be chosen based on personal taste or educational goals. Science fiction is slowly taking over the gaming industry because many players like to get lost in immersive games that they can't get anywhere else but online. You may play free online games on a wide variety of websites, including games like target (Indonesia) and 77 slot, as well as other free online games. By installing the game in advance, these games avoid the need to use up precious storage space on a gaming console, computer, or laptop. This is because these games do not need the user to play the game.

Aliens In Children’s Shows

Aliens are a recurring theme in many movies, not just for adults but for kids as well. There are so many animated alien movies that go through a blender render farm software and come out a hit for children. Compared to the scary way that aliens are portrayed in movies for adults, it is the complete opposite for kids where they seem friendly, and cute. They are also portrayed in different forms rather than just the common one of the grey alien with an inflamed head and big eyes.

Communication and How It Came To Be

There are many ways of communication but it was not so in the past. We now have it easy as we are now in a technologically advanced era. But how was the communication in the past? How was it during the stone age and going on to the better era of paper and then slowly change to discovery of Radio and slowly become popular that every household have them until today the technology advance tech savvy era we are in, it is amazing because even you can be an influencer to talk about issues and conspiracies that you want. So how did they communicate and why is it important? This is what we are going to talk about.

Must-Watch Alien Movies To Fill Up Your Leisure Time

Does life beyond our world actually exist? Are there really other creatures besides us in another universe? Are aliens real? These are the most common questions that have been lingering around many people’s minds for over decades now. There are so many articles on the discovery of the aliens, but no one is sure of the truth behind it. In Teh Talk, you can discover more articles that also talk about aliens. Well, to be true, there is no evidence to prove the existence of aliens or other creatures on other planets. No one is actually sure about their existence.