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Know The 5 Observables: 5 UFO Traits That Need Explanation

Labeled the '5 observables' by an ex-Pentagon investigator, these traits include erratic movement, hypersonic speed, and the ability to fly even when they’re no wings. When Luis Elizondo managed a little team at the United States Department of Defense investigating reports of UAP (unidentified aerial phenomena), he heard several of such accounts. These accounts even came from some of the most highly trained, experienced military aeronautic experts. 

The UFO Phenomena That Pushed The United Kingdom To Take ‘Flying Disks’ More Seriously

Back in September 1952, some months after a surge in “flying saucer” sightings at Washington, D.C. made headlines all over the world, several military officers taking part in North Atlantic NATO exercises were struck by their very own UFO fever. Familiar with Exercise Mainbrace? This was the biggest military exercise since the second world war. It involved 80,000 soldiers, 200 ships, and 1,000 planes from many NATO nations, including big deployments from the U.S. and U.K.

How The Roswell Alien Incident Sparked Decades Of Conspiracy Theories

In this day and age, several conspiracy theorists consider the “Roswell incident” to be one of the most popular pieces of evidence that the American government has covered up alien existence here on Earth. In fact, Roswell is now regarded as the UFO capital of the world. 

The Mystery Surrounding Lovette/Cunningham Case

The details are both strange and horrifying: corpses found under the sky with tongues removed, private parts excised and eyes plucked out. All of these were extracted with utmost precision, and not leaving even just a drop of blood. Reports of these unexplained mutilations, done on both animals and humans, have confused investigators for many decades. It even resulted in speculation about whether the murderers might be extraterrestrials doing biological experiments on earthlings.

The Scariest UFO Sightings Ever Recorded

When it comes to alien life and contacting them from outer space, each one of us has his or her own opinions. Some people...

The Best Alien Conspiracy Theories

For alien enthusiasts and conspiracy theorists, every day is World UFO Day. In the year 1947, the United States Air Force surveillance balloon (was it really?) crashed near Roswell, New Mexico, resulting in an overwhelming series of government secrecy, and alien abductions and sightings. It’s time for speculation and sharing. Here are some of the most chilling alien conspiracy theories that you should know about. 

The Most Credible UFO Sightings Of The 21st Century

What do mile-long strobe lights, Tic Tac-shaped aircraft and sauce all have in common? Well, they all defy explanation. Back in 2017, many news organizations revealed the details surrounding AATIO (Advanced Aviation Threat Identification Program), a United States government-funded program that investigated UFOs between 2007 and 2012. This $22 million program was not the first of its kind, though. 

That Time Winston Churchill Wrote About Aliens

So, what did Winston Churchill do to distract himself from the Nazi Germany threat in 1939? As per a recently discovered essay, the prime minister distracted himself by writing about aliens. It was October 1939, many weeks after Great Britain declared war on Germany. Just restored to his previous post as the British Admiralty’s first lord, Churchill sent his most recent science article to a publisher. The article may have been for the News of the World Sunday London newspaper.

Some Scientists Theorize That Aliens May Already Be Here In Earth, But We Don’t Recognize Them

Stargazing scientists have recently started to focus on the possibility of coming across intelligent aliens. The more they contemplate on it, the more they realize the first meetings won’t be with small green men from flying saucers. The appearance of aliens is a growing question among reputable astrobiologists. They actually think that alien creatures are more Lilliputian, not reptilian or mega-brained or reptilian.

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