Communication and How It Came To Be

Communication is something very important and it is something that we cannot deny at every level. Communication is a means of life. What does that mean? Communication is all in us and we cannot live by not communicating at all throughout our whole life. Even if you are an introvert, you will still talk and communicate whether your thoughts, ideas, and more, even your thoughts about conspiracy and more. What it means is that it is inborn in us that we need to communicate. We cannot do without communication. So we are going to talk about something that is a need and how things have changed throughout the times.

We are going to talk about communication media! Communication methods have long been around ever since the days of ancient human civilization and we still do it now. Methods of communication of course have changed because we all have evolved. So how did it all change? What changed? This is what we will look into. 

Stone Age

Back in the times of the stone age, there was a technique called stone carvings and they are able to carve stories and incidents and more into the stone. This is the primary way of communicating and the media is the stone. The stone acts as a medium, a means to communicate from one person or one time to another time. This would be the kind of stone carvings of normal pictures like animals or people and record of incidents, of course then this is not a portable means of media hence, the media can only spread if it is found or told to go to the location in order to view it. This stone carving is the first ever means of media recorded in human history. Another way that stone age people use to communicate through a distance is through the lighting of a fire. They have ways to communicate as well as act like a “GPS”.

Ancient Times

During ancient times, there are more ways to communicate in comparison to the Stone Age as times have changed and methods of media have also changed and accommodated. This is the power of media and technology. Of course, back in the days of ancient times, there was no true technology but there was an adaptation and also ways to go about it. During the times of B.C., the only way of communicating is by mouth. Hence, it will be passed from person to person until it reaches the intended person or the message had to be passed personally by travelling the distance and if it is too far to be reached then it will be written format but that was rare hence, all the news you will get is only but your town, and the only person you deliver news to are inside the city and nowhere else. Until the times of A.D., there were scrolls as well as means to transport hence, there was a chance to communicate through further distance. This helped in the communication of cities as well as news from other areas and that is helpful. Egyptians as well use scrolls to communicate but use stone carvings as story recording as well as beautifying as the decor of stories of old! But of course, with the technology or ancient technology I should say, the stone carvings are more precise and beautifully cut especially on harder stones and hence can preserve longer. But the news is still not able to travel far but only of travelling days distance if not it would not be called news then. Means of transport normally are Donkey and transport as well as people that are going to that place that is able to just willingly help you to send it for you. These are some ways of ancient times on their media by messenger or word of mouth or carving. 

Before 18th Century 

Before the 18th Century, the means of communication as well did not change but instead of using scrolls, they would use paper. Those were the days of handwritten letters being transported far and wide to send information and news. This was also used in battles and wars before the 18th century as information going in and out are kept and sent. However, because of the means of transportation especially during perilous times, messages can be lost in between. This was a step up as paper was made on a larger scale and it is more and more accessible but still using the same old method of transportation to communicate far and wide.

After 18th Century

The 18th Century was a very interesting time. That was the time of all the innovations and new inventions. It was the time that Morse code was used and created. During the war, Morse Code was one of the best ways to communicate because it is fast as well as accurate. It uses an electro pulse to sound and can send a great distance and also does not need to be sent through a human hence it will not likely be lost in between. This is the first real innovation and change throughout the times. Then comes the most infamous way of communication! Although not popular back in the day, it was the first time that radio waves were discovered. This was during the 1880s and that discovery slowly paved its way until the 19th Century when it was then used to broadcast.

19th Century

1906, marks the first time that the radio frequency was broadcasted playing music as well as talking by the KDKA. But this was the time that the radio was not popularised yet. When the first world war happened, there was already the use of radio but it was through military bases and was transmitted hence the machines were big and chunky and it was not very good. But it was a very good tool for the military in the use of radio frequency. After the first world war ended and even after some time, during the 1920s came to the popularisation of radio. This is when the most household has one radio at home. Radio back then was simpler in use. Radio back then was only there as a form of news and a little entertainment called music. Nothing more. But it was already good enough as all the families will gather around that little machine and listen and spend time together. 


Back in the days before this modern era, Radios, Television as well as landlines were created. These are the times when if you want to watch shows you will go to the Television, if you want to listen to music you will tune to the radio, if you would like to learn about some knowledge or talk about some conspiracies, you will go to the magazines! This is a time of change and where things started to pick up the pace!

Modern times

And now we have it. The modern era, us! The modern era right now is filled with amazing technology that not even people of the past would ever think about or dream about. Phones that are so portable at the same time are able to be your entertainment as well as ways to seek knowledge. Isn’t it amazing what modern times have brought us? We have screens now and so many ways to communicate your thoughts as well as podcasts and more to say what you wish and gain a following. In the past, it was so difficult for you to talk to the masses about what you think and what your interests are but look at it today. If you want Conspiracies, you go to the internet, podcasts, and YouTube videos with your favourite influencer. Even you yourself can be one and even make it your job! This is an amazing time to be alive. 

Here you have it! all the ways of communication and what happened from the past until now, the changes of communication. Now, everything is so much easier and you can even be your own boss as well and open up a podcast studio, a home podcast station, be your own YouTuber and more. You just need a good home office and here’s a bonus, if you are planning to have your own home office or even open an office studio you can look up Ohana Office Products as they offer high-quality office products for you to work well on. There you have it! Oh, how the times have changed.