Conclusive Proof That Breast Milk Was Genetically Engineered By Aliens

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Humans are what is known as the by-product of evolution. A lot of people have been debating and disputing this by saying that religion was the one true way that humans could have been made. But over here at stormarea51, we know that humans came from a single cell from a meteor that eventually split itself and continued doing this for millions of years until we got the first ape. From then on the evolution continued but only if needed such as the adaptation for survival. Things such as growing limbs, growing vestigial traits and even the evolution of critical thinking all played a part in the way humans live now. 

One of the things that have shown and proven that we were genetically engineered by aliens is the way we keep surviving as we’re born as babies. Babies are born with very weak immune systems and this came from the way we adapt to things. Funnily enough, sometimes evolution doesn’t necessarily benefit us as it did back in the day with the Cambrian explosion and such. One of the ways humans actually made each other stronger from the outset of birth is by passing on breast milk from the matriarch figure towards their offspring. The only thing that we haven’t adapted to yet is the sore nipple you get when breastfeeding but this can be easily overcome by using Lanolin nipple cream or maybe you can learn the best way to breastfeed. But what does breast milk have to do with aliens?

There is a theory going on that aliens have genetically engineered breast milk to evolve into the way it is now to ensure the continued survival of humans and here’s the evidence.

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Like I mentioned above, Humans would probably not survive the climate in this day and age if it wasn’t for breast milk. Breast milk is filled to the brim with a high concentration of white blood cells. It has so many white blood cells that it has more than 102 times the amount of white blood cells your body carries. This amount of concentration cannot be explained by scientists even to this day and from the way history goes, Scientists aren’t always accurate about things like this. For example, Take Galileo Galilei. In the 15th century, he came to the conclusion that all the planets revolved around earth because that was all he could observe from his point of view but centuries after that we found out that all the planets revolve around the sun. This means that the only conclusive evidence of breast milk is aliens’ involvement in it.

lanolin nipple creamChange In Chemical Structure Over Time

 Colostrum is the scientific term for breast milk and its chemical structure changes almost every day. In all of human history, Evolution can be seen almost everywhere but the thing about evolution is it stays constant in its ways until it changes and when it does it takes quite some time before it does change but the thing about colostrum is the chemical structure changes daily which is very strange and it does this based on the needs of the baby. But the even stranger part about all this is the fact that the mother and child are disconnected so how does the mother know about the needs of the child and how can she change the chemical make up that fast. Aliens.

Icecream lickingChange In Taste

One of the coolest things about breast milk is that it can change its taste as time goes by. The reason for this being that it does this to develop the taste buds of the babies. This is also considered a survival trait as the change in tastes can help us develop the ability to detect spoiled foods by tasting them and discarding foods that have poison in them. Normally it changes its tastes towards the four specific parts of the tongue. Bitter, Sweet, Sour and Salty. It cycles through all four of these tastes during the duration of the breastfeeding term. It normally ends at the last part of the mothers’ lactation period and once it does this it starts to revert to its normal taste as it’s already done its job in developing the baby’s taste bud.

Based on all of this we can all agree that aliens have had direct involvement in the progression of humans during our tenure of evolution and we can expect them to keep doing this until our inevitable end. If you are thinking about breastmilk, you can check out the best breast milk storage bags for your everyday use with your babies.