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What is The Connectivity Between Area 51 and Accounting?

You must be familiar with accounting which shows speculation, methodology, and framework forms and study forms of financial reporting, right? but this time we are not discussing general things such as first NET30 account, Bookkeeping, etc. In this article, we will discuss the finance inside the military in the US!

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What Exactly is Area 51?

Area 51 was busy being ‘invaded’ by the public and became a byword. Conspiracy theorists often associate this location with extraterrestrial events such as the landing site for UFOs (Unidentified Flying Objects) to alien places. Located near the Groom Lake area, southern Nevada, United States, Area 51 is a US Air Force facility located within the Nevada Test and Training Range. This area has a number of pseudonyms such as Detachment 3, Dreamland, Watertown Strip, to Paradise Ranch. With an area of 38,400 hectares, Area 51 is one of the most secret military areas. The popularity of Area 51 then became the talk after keeping a conspiracy related to the existence of extraterrestrials.

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What is Connectivity?

The accounting discussed in area 51 is a report of the entry and exit of money to finance military activities. The Foreign Military Financing Program (FMF) provides grants and loans to help countries purchase weapons and defense equipment manufactured in the United States and obtain defense services and military training. Purchases of FMF funds are made through the Foreign Military Sales (FMS) program, which manages intergovernmental sales. On a less frequent basis, FMF also funds purchases made through the Direct Commercial Sales (DCS) program, which oversees sales between foreign governments and private US companies. FMF does not provide cash grants to other countries; it generally pays for the sale of certain goods or services through FMS or DCS.

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The State Department’s Bureau of Political-Military Affairs and the Office of Security Assistance establish policies for the FMF program, while the Defense Security Cooperation Agency (DSCA), within the Department of Defense, administers it on a daily basis. The Security Assistance Organization (SAO), military personnel at US embassies abroad, plays a key role in managing FMF in recipient countries. Some FMFs pay SAO salaries and operating expenses. Congress allocates funds to FMF through the annual Foreign Operations Allocation Act.

If we talk about financing in reality, Area 51 is a military area. While Area 51 has been linked to conspiracies involving extraterrestrial life, the only confirmed use of the place is as a flight testing facility. So many unfounded myths, in 2013 the US government officially disclosed the existence of Area 51. The US military acknowledged the existence of Area 51 through CIA documents detailing the history of spy planes from the National Security Archives at George Washington University. That year, the National Security Archives at George Washington University obtained it through the Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) a secret CIA document that chronicled the history of the U-2 spy plane. According to the report, in 1955 a remote location including an airfield not used by the military since World War II, was chosen to test the U-2 spy plane. The test of the U-2 spy plane, which is of course a secret, may be misunderstood as a UFO sighting by people in the area. For information, the U-2 aircraft could reach a much higher altitude than other aircraft at that time. After the U-2 was put into service in 1956, Area 51 was used to develop other aircraft, including the A-12 reconnaissance aircraft otherwise known as the OXCART, as well as the F-117 Nighthawk fighter.

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Due to the large number of Americans who believe and are obsessed with alien conspiracies, residents around Area 51 use it cleverly. There are many alien-themed hotels, bars and gift shops in the area. In addition, a number of films, documentaries, and TV shows were made in this popular location. For example, the films Independence Day, Doctor Who, Agents of Shield from the Marvel Cinematic Universe, to Spider-Man: No Way Home. Area 51 was also featured on the television series The X-Files, in episode six of the 1998 season entitled “Dreamland”. No matter how false the rumors about aliens in Area 51 may be, the issue is mixed into the public consciousness and pop culture. Although official information about Area 51 is minimal, it is believed that the US military continues to use Area 51 to develop advanced aircraft. It is believed that about 1,500 people now work there, judging by the number of charter planes flying from Las Vegas. Annie Jacobsen, who has written about the history of Area 51, says that some of the world’s most advanced espionage programs are being worked on at the site.

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Accounting inside Area 51?

As a developed country as well as having the strongest armed forces in the world, military personnel of the United States (US) certainly have relatively high welfare compared to other countries. The welfare level of US soldiers applies equally to all dimensions including the Navy (US Navy), Army (US Army), Air Force (USAF), Space Force (US Space Force), Coast Guard (USCG), and Marines (US Marine). ). What’s interesting in the US, despite the lure of large salaries and benefits, in fact there are very few applicants to enter the military in the US. Not many citizens crave this profession. Ranks in the US itself are divided into 3 groups, namely class E or Enlisted (enlisted and non-commissioned officers), W or Warrants (Assistant Officers), O or Officers (Officers). The lowest salary in the United States is an E-1 or Private rank. The Private rank itself is equivalent to Private Two (Prada) at the TNI rank level in Indonesia. It is stated that the monthly salary received by US soldiers with the rank of Private or E-1 with a service period of less than four months is US$1,640.