Conspiracy Theories: How The Men In Black Became A Thing

If you’re wondering what inspired “Men in Black” the blockbuster that received hundreds of millions in revenue, there are a few stories that happened way before the movie was released. Men in black have been seen, as portrayed in the movies, as men in black suits, wearing black shades who deal with the extra-terrestrial occurrences in society. All the while, subtly trying their best to stay discreet and keep people from finding out of the other beings who walk among us. In the blockbuster trilogy, they explained that this is to keep humans from panicking and reacting unreasonably towards something they do not understand. Similar to our society now, where we lash out when we do not understand what we see due to it being different than what we usually see. Which is where racism and discrimination roots from, but that is another story. 

So what inspired the movies were occurrences that happened long before and those occurrences were all also conspiracy theories that only remained as hearsay and were never proven to be true. For instance, in 1947, a man with his son and their dog went for a conservation mission in Puget Sound, somewhere along the northwestern coast of the U.S. state of Washington. While they were on their boat, the man reported seeing six circular flying objects, commonly identified as UFOs which stands for Unidentified Flying Object. The man said that they were just hovering in the air and he reported that one of them fell and the metal debris hit his son on his arm. Unfortunately, their dog did not survive the experience. The man got to take a picture of the flying saucers and showed it to his supervisor before getting his supervisor to see for himself.

On the next morning, before the man could tell anyone else, he was visited by a man in a black suit. The mysterious man explained in detail what happened the day before without being told anything, saying he knows it happened and he knows more about those happenings than the man does. Afterwards, adding a warning for him to not tell anyone else or else bad things will happen. From then on, reports of UFO sightings became more frequent and reports of these men in black suits got more frequent as well. These men were reported being seen in pair or trios, wearing black suits and black hats with black shades, described almost as an FBI agent

Thus, all this led to the inspiration behind the successful trilogy, “Men in Black”. This also led to more and more conspiracy theories and they are conspiracy theories because it all remains, to this day, as hearsay. Simply, word going around. Nothing has ever been proven 100% to be true. So, either the Men in black are a myth or they are just really good at remaining discreet, which is impressive since they just go around in the open wearing all black and no one suspects a thing. 

However, what if they were real and they were actually trying to protect the harmony between human beings and aliens or extra-terrestrial beings? Imagine if aliens were living among us and living out normal lives, working in disguise and needing basic human needs as well. For instance, humans drink alcohol and they need to protect their liver from being too damaged, thus we have liver supplements in Malaysia protection. So, if aliens lived among us and drank alcohol too, would they need that too or would they not have the same organs as us?

At the end of the day, it is all still hearsay and we will never really know if aliens are real or not. Or if flying saucers exist or not. Pictures can still be doctored and photoshopped. Videos could be edited too nowadays with special effects being really detailed. Although, do we really want to know whether they exist or not? Maybe it is better that we remain oblivious to their existence so we do not stir up something that did not need to be stirred in the first place. At the end of the day, the men in black, as well as aliens and flying saucers, remain a mystery and maybe it should stay that way.