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Conspiracy Theory: 4 Facts That You Should Read

There’s a difference between a conspiracy theory, a myth, a rumor and a falsehood. Conspiracy theories have grown mainstream in the media, the internet, and social media, emerging as a cultural phenomena of the late twentieth and early twenty-first centuries. They are widely held beliefs all around the world, with some even being accepted by the majority of the people. Maintaining an open society and enhancing the general public’s critical thinking skills are two interventions that can help to lessen the frequency of conspiracy beliefs. Some people would be called paranoid loners when they know that a person holds onto such a theory. 

Oliver quoted, “We think of conspiracy theories as simply another form of magical thinking where anyone can believe and hold onto what they want.” According to their research, people who engage in other types of magical thinking — for example, the paranormal or have been ripped off from random bits of pop culture trash— Hollywood blockbusters, daytime TV, pulp novels, and kids’ comic books. So, is it rigged? Maybe. But let’s admit that it is fun to read certain theories. Let’s read some of the theories on this list. 

1. MH370

This heartbreaking tragedy is still fresh in our mind and we surely keep the prayers in our heart. There are lots of people coming out with their own theories. In fact, people from all over the world started to give thousands of speculations and assumptions. One of the outstanding theories is told by Shane Dawson where a guy gets some messages from an unknown source. 

Ty, a guy that caught up in this mess, started receiving messages from an unknown  Indonesian. He panicked and Google translated the message. Shockingly, they warned him to delete the voice messages. There was even someone that sent him a morse code. In the turn of events, as Ty walked out from his house at 3 am, someone took a picture of him with a flash on. Ty wanted to ignore everything that was going on but he was getting uncomfortable. MH370, a huge plane with 329 people, just vanished into thin air? In a nutshell, it is said that aliens are involved with the disappearance of MH370 as they recollected the evidence from the black box recording. 

2. 9/11 Predictions

Second conspiracy theory is regarding the 9/11 incident. 9/11 incident also known as September 11 incident, a series of airline hijackings and suicide that happened in 2001. In an episode titled The City of New York vs Homer Simpson, a moment alludes to the 9/11 attacks on the World Trade Centre in New York City, and not even Jean could explain it. In the episode, “There is a scene where there is a brochure  that says New York at $9 a day, and behind the nine are the twin towers … it looks like ‘9/11’. That one is a completely bizarre, strange thing,” he says.

To clarify on the issues, in 2010 an interview with Bill Oakley, there was an interview planned. Bill Oakley as an executive producer on The Simpson told The New York Observer: “$9 was picked as a comically cheap fare,” he says. There wasn’t any intention or clear direction on where the scene is going, and he stated that it’s eerie since The City of New York vs Homer Simpson is the only episode that had an entire act of World Trade Centre jokes.”

3. UFO Evidence 

The evidence of UFO existence isn’t just insufficient, but there are a lot of different theorists that came up with some further explanations. Without a thorough examination, a rational thinker would not easily believe that UFOs are proof of alien existence. The downside of believing in UFO existence is that if you tend to explore more regarding the aliens and UFO existence, they will be more likely to be obsessed regarding this matter. In contrast, science helps in expanding the potential in human mankind. However, it doesn’t provide emotional comfort or stimulation whereas conspiracy will help in thinking. Alien existence is something mysterious. It is beyond our grasp. In terms of theory, it is kind of exciting to read and theorize about something that exists and lives before us. As Jonathon Walton, a Professor of Christian Morals at Harvard University said that an alien existence exceeds our limited capacity of understanding.

4. Covid-19 And The Anti Vaccines

Since the Covid-19 pandemic, more people have been divided. There are anti-vaccines on the rise where they came up with rumours and theories. For instance, the Pete Evans case. The celebrity chef, Evans had been an influential promoter of conspiracy theories about the pandemic and vaccines. He spread the news regarding how ‘harmful’ the vaccines are and more crazy theories that he came up with. Facebook has banned him as he gains more and more followers and he can be harmful to the community. One of the examples that Evans posted is “The pandemic is a hoax. It is as simple as that” which he told AFP earlier this year. With medical equipment supplier Malaysiawe can protect ourselves from the virus. 

All of the theories stated above are some of the interesting theories found on the Web. There is something bigger than the theories stated actually. More truth behind the screen. However, by reading the conspiracy theories published, we can learn more about mankind and their way of thinking. Also, check out this post that you would probably like: What Would An Alien’s Life Be Like On Earth.