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Could We Actually Fall In Love With Aliens?

Area 51 is a well-known place on earth where alien research has been conducted for years. Although the US Government is denying its existence, there cannot be a reason why it could not exist in the first place. If aliens were to come and live with us on earth, could we actually fall in love with them and lead a normal life like how we could lead with a fellow human? Could they be actually abhorring aliens at Area 51 and doing research on whether humans and aliens fall in love with each other? Have you ever given it a thought that you could actually fall in love with an alien if we were to co-exist on earth? 

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From classics to modern movies, we can see that love has no borders and does not care whatever player you are from. If you were meant to be, you will be together no matter what happens. For example, Superman and Lois Lane have been the classic superhero-human couple that has fallen in love with each other and been together for years. From this, we can see that even the entertainment industry entertains the idea of humans falling in love with aliens and vice versa. 

Love Hormone

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Humans were proven to be producing the love hormone, oxytocin. This hormone has been to play a very crucial role in both sexual activity and social interactions. In addition to that, this hormone helps female humans to bond well with their significant other while they take part in sexual activity. Not only humans but all mammals were found to be producing oxytocin similar to humans. Here lies a question though on whether there are aliens mammals too? This is because there could be a possibility that not aliens are mammals like it is being shown on TV shows, movies, books and even on video games at times. Besides, aliens could produce their version of the love hormone. Would there be an issue arising if the love hormones produced by both the humans and aliens could not be helpful in the long run in their bonding with each other which might lead them to end their relationship?

Sexual Needs

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Every living being has their own sexual needs that they need to satisfy and, according to studies, sex is at most times a need that is a necessity to be satisfied when you are in love. If aliens and humans were to have a romantic relationship with each other, sex will instinctively be the next step in the relationship for most. To enhance their sex life, maybe they could purchase adult toys from trusted sex toy shop online, but that depends on if both the aliens and humans’ physical needs could be satisfied with it. This is because since we could never pinpoint any proven facts that aliens could actually coexist on earth with humans, how could we actually talk about alien’s sex life with humans. 

Living Together

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If there comes a point in the romantic relationship between a human and an alien, that they would want to live together, what would their home environment and structure be like? Would we need to change the building structures on earth like how, for example, we saw Planet Xandar in Guardians of the Galaxy Vol.1? Moreover, if the alien is something that needs water to survive, how could we solve the problem of living together when humans live on land? We are not sure if these changes are possible but maybe with technological advancement and as rumours have it, aliens possess highly advanced technologies, so these kinds of changes might be possible after all. But we need to be aware if we are ready or not for changes related to our living arrangements because these kinds of changes can have huge consequences in our life since we are not used to accommodating extraterrestrial beings in our home.  

To sum it up, we cannot deny that if there is a possibility that humans and aliens could co-exist, then there could be a possibility of them falling in love with each other. However, there might also be a possibility of it not happening too. This could be because we would first need to learn to adapt to co-existing with aliens on earth as well as learn about their biopsychosocial needs before pursuing a relationship. We might not have any problem being friends or co-existing with them but when it comes to a romantic relationship, it is better to learn as much as we can about them first, just like going on a date with a human. Nonetheless, we should always be cautious of the repercussions that might be caused by having a relationship with an extraterrestrial being since it might go against the law of nature.