Crop Circles: The Hoax That We Want To Believe

They may be cool to look at, but man can they send a chill down your spine too.

The sightings of UFOs have become a norm throughout the years since its very first speculated appearance on Earth back in 1947, when pilot Kenneth Arnold witnessed unidentified flying saucers dip and swerve at astonishing speed. One interview from him and everything changes when the alien conspiracies attack across the globe and take over the media to this day. Though it turned out to be merely geek fantasies and little kids’ wild imaginations on making friends with bulgy-headed, long-fingered and commonly green Earth foreigners, they have proven their existence again by illegally parking their saucers on farmers’ crops at night (without a parking ticket, at that!). They may be quick to leave before the public meets their eye, but one thing for certain is they purposely leave their mark on the planet. 

Lo’ and behold, the crop circle, also known as the “saucer nests.”

What is a ‘Crop Circle’?

dutamas cop circles

From an extraterrestrial perspective, the elaborated geometric forms were made from the landing of alien spaceships where the intricate design of the saucer’s bottom molded the crops into its mathematical shapes, or it is suggested that the aliens used invisible energy beams from a distance at the intergalactic. Whether they are branding the terrain as a holiday token or sending a cryptic yet typical warning to take over Earth, the crop circles do exist – and the evident proof of them, both internally and externally has overwhelmed the homo sapiens

Just imagine, if the crop circle were to mysteriously appear at your front yard in the wee morning of your Dutamas home, you would lose your mind over having supernatural beings as guests without an invitation. Or you woke up with breaking news of an intricately designed open field at Sunway Damansara which went viral immediately on all social media. Even the renowned Titiwangsa Park can be embedded with a crop circle just by the sidewalk.

Most Infamous Hoax

The most memorable doodle from our extraterrestrial friends is the Julia Set dated way back in 1996 at Stonehenge monument in England. The fractal pattern which divides the question whether it is terrene or supernatural demonstrates the intelligence from those who lingers in outer space. It is claimed that the circle was made in less than an hour which is impossible for a normal human being to accomplish. It was fun while it lasted, because the excitement downgraded too soon as it was later revealed the truth of three hoaxers who made the alienated mark in a matter of three hours in the early morning – much to the public’s disappointment. 


It was strange enough to find many piling reports of “saucer nests”, mostly from England, dominating the crops since the mid-to-late 1960s without any photographs to justify the aliens’ doings. Theories upon theories were argued only to conclude the crop circles are created by humans. Doug Bower and his co-conspirator Dave Chorley were a pair known for recreating the 1966 Tully crop circle in a wheat field in Wiltshire, England in 1976 which later copycatted by others until it eventually became a cultural phenomenon. The hoaxes about crop circles launched debates after debates questioning the legitimate status of the supernatural occurring. 


Despite that, there are children and adults alike who actually do believe in supernatural phenomena (ghosts, fairies, UFOs, psychokinesis, etc.). Same case with the extraterrestrial activities, the homo sapiens feigned ignorance of the hoax status of the crop circle and insisted on preserving the myth of aliens as an existent beings. To extend the legends of crop circles is to lengthen the lifespan of alien presence, thus beliefs cancel scientific explanations for the sake of keeping the fiction alive and to feed on the believers’ fantasies.

Take ‘Chicken Little’ for instance. The iconic crop circle portrayed in the movie drills the screw into children’s minds to believe that aliens do exist. It was never a hoax in movies, therefore in real life, people believe the crop circles as not a hoax.

Crop circles are a platform for an exploration to the wonders of hoaxing. With frequent reports and sightings of alien occurrences that seem to see no end, humans are becoming more convinced that they are not the only ones alone in the universe.