Do Aliens Really Exist? These UFO Sightings Really Tell Us Something


Do you think aliens really exist? This question has caused tons of controversies and debates among us for centuries. From Suffolk’s Rendlesham Forest to Roswell, below are just some of the sightings which hunters have considered as proof of E.T. life.

So, what was the most recent UFO sighting? Just recently, strange footage has surfaced showing a mysterious unidentified flying object moving and changing its shape in the sky over the European country Sweden. This intriguing video footage was taken by confused motorists in Gothenburg, sparking rumors of whether it’s conclusive proof of extraterrestrial life.

UFO Sightings In The Sky

The video, captured by people traveling in their vehicle, shows a UFO moving through Sweden’s sky, and appears to alter its shape.

In another part of the world, Russian police officials have reopened a decades-old investigation into the highly baffling deaths of nine students while on a cross-country ski trip. These deaths, called the Dyatlov Pass Incident, are associated with a theory that blames aliens and UFOs. There is a whole lot of mystery that surrounds this case, from a victim missing a tongue and traces of radiation to bodies dressed in underwear and sliced open tents. The lack of explanation sparked various conspiracy theories such as a local native tribe attack, yetis, and UFOs. 

The number of sightings is presently at an all-time high, as per Sam Monfort, blogger and data cruncher. The alien expert believes that there have been over 100,000 documented UFO sightings in the past century. It’s obvious that Sam is not the only believer on this planet.

From footage of fighter jets chasing a UFO to a supposed alien autopsy video from 1995, there are tons of videos that individuals have claimed to be obvious proof of extraterrestrial life. 

Back in October 2017, an Australian lady took a photo of what she thought was a “flying saucer” flying over the famous Great Barrier Reef. With many mysteries and sightings over the past decades, Far North Queensland has always been a UFO hotspot.

Moreover, as per a Pentagon report from May 2018, a U.S. aircraft carrier did stalk a tic-tac shaped UFO for many days. The object just vanished into thin air. 

The UFO, which can reportedly make itself invisible hover in mid-air, confused American Navy fighter pilots. This was during a training exercise back in 2004 at the Pacific Ocean.

The Roswell incident is probably the most popular conspiracy theory about aliens’ existence. In 1947, a farmer discovered some unidentifiable debris in his fields just outside Roswell. The local Air Force base said that that debris just came from a crashed hot air balloon. However, several people reckon it’s the remains of a flying saucer. The controversy about the incident rumbles on, with more people making claims about “leaked American government documents”, which allegedly prove it was a cover-up.

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