Earth’s Best Defense System Against An Alien Invasion

Alien invasion on earth

Aliens have always been in the minds of space nerds and sci-fi enthusiasts. The idea of alien contact has been the focus of several great games, books, and movies. Inevitably, the conversation about extraterrestrials turns itself toward one question: How would our planet defend itself against an alien invasion?

Sure, the Earth is home to the U.S. Marines. However, we certainly can’t depend on a fighting force using outdated, broken equipment to defeat a technologically advanced race that has implemented faster-than-light travel. Well, just because we’re outgunned doesn’t mean we’ll fail. 

Alien spacecraft on earth

Do we have a solid defense strategy? Well, we do, and we can break it into three phases. 

The First Phase: Using Space Debris.

Pieces of space debris as little as a screw can clearly destroy non-shielded spacecraft just coming out to enter our orbit. We can use missiles to blow up our own satellites. That will create a shield of debris around Earth, which will either destroy a big amount of alien spaceships or at the very least, slow down their ability to enter our orbit. This first phase will give us sufficient time to prepare for the second step. 

The Second Phase:  Attack During Entry.

What happens when a shuttle re-enters our atmosphere? Well, it heats up to 21,140 degrees Fahrenheit due to air friction. Extreme thermal energy and heat disrupt several on-board sensors and communication devices. 

If an extraterrestrial spacecraft goes through those same effects, the moment they enter our atmosphere will be an excellent time to use a THAAD (Terminal High Altitude Area Defense) system. 

Afterward, we prepare for the third phase. 

The Third Phase:

Option 1: Nukes

If the invading extraterrestrials are anything like us, they are probably coming to our planet to colonize it. Well, in that case, we can prepare our nuclear weapons. Let’s hold our own planet Earth hostage. If these aliens are hostile and want to cleanse Earth of our filthiness, then we should threaten to detonate the nukes. This would render Earth uninhabitable and several of our resources unusable. 

Option 2: Guerrilla Warfare

If our alien invaders are coming from afar, a far planet many light-years away, their siege might prove very expensive. Interstellar logistics may be a bit complex. Thus, humans can resort to making life on Earth as awful as possible by operating guerrilla outfits.

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