Explore Space Without Going to Space

Have you ever wondering how the space area? It is such a grateful if you can set foot in space because the view is really amazing. Not everyone has the chance to go exploring the space area especially when you are still young. You cannot easily go there and need knowledge especially to be an astronaut. If you think it is really impossible for you to go there, it is okay because there are many ways you can explore space even though you still on the earth. By the way, do you what is the space area? According to (Tate, 2010) space is everything in the universe beyond the top of the Earth’s atmosphere – the Moon, where the GPS satellites orbit, Mars, other stars, the Milky Way, black holes, and distant quasars. Space is sounded interesting, right? Now let’s move on to how you can explore the space without having the need to go to space. There actually have many ways for you to explore space but today let’s see these 3 ways that might help you to know more about space. 


Pretty sure you have heard about Youtube. For those who do not know about Youtube, it actually is a video platform that is free. You also can choose the Youtube premium account which is needed to pay per month and it actually has 3 plans that you can choose which one is suitable for you. The plan that is offer is individual, family, and student membership. If you get the premium account you can watch space video on youtube without interruption from the ads also you can download and play the video while you of the internet data or wifi. There are many videos from Youtube that can help you to understand space and it might be the best way for those who are visual or auditory learners to make sure that you have a better internet to load the Youtube video you can use time fibre 100mbps home broadband Malaysia.

NASA Website

NASA is one of the top listed space agencies in the world. NASA also is known as the National Aeronautics and Space Administration is a government organization that focuses on spacecraft and space travel. You can visit the NASA website to know more about space there are podcasts that you can listen to using 4 different platforms which is Apple Podcast, Google Podcast, RSS Feed, and SoundCloud. There also have some articles for you to read so you can gain more knowledge. You also can download and print bookmarks, posters, astronaut cards, commercial crew posters, and calendars. If you are a part of media, students, or educators you can contact NASA if you want to join their class to gain more knowledge and experience. Pretty sure that NASA has a really good thing to show you. 

Google Sky 

Either than using Youtube and  NASA websites or any space agency website to gain more knowledge you also can use Google Sky to explore. There are some images that come from the astronomical survey, especially from ground and space-based. You also can create and view your own sky view. Not only the star but you can also see the constellations, galaxies, planets, and the earth’s moon if you like to do so. For your information, Google Sky is still new and it ages are about 4 years also it was developed by some Google Engineers. It is a really interesting creation by Google so try it now. 

Even though you cannot go to space but hey there are other ways that you can see it so chin up. Technology is really advance nowadays and that is why there are to help us to see what we cannot see. To make sure it you can explore the space smoothly you need to have a really good internet connection and if you have a bad one you maybe want to change it using Time Broadband Malaysia because the speed is quite fast and the price is also affordable. You might want to check time fiber coverage Malaysia at your place. It is a very good choice if you planning to change the internet provider. Pretty sure when you using a good internet provider it will make you smoothly browsing and explore the space and avoid buffering. If you not started to explore it yet go and try to type anything related to space in Google or these 3 platforms.