Game Development: The Alien Version

Game Development: The Alien Version

Coming up with an idea is never easy especially when you are required to be innovative and different from other competitors. Whether it is in writing, designing, or even game development. One of the main reasons why it is hard because finding an idea itself takes a lot of time. Furthermore, you would need inspiration and making sure that you are not copying or taking someone else’s ideas into your work as well. Moreover, living in Malaysia can make you question whether you should give your best and if your hard work will be appreciated or not. Nevertheless. Once you are up for it, it is worth it and not as hard as it seems. It is just as same as coming up with game development for the alien version.

The alien topic is no longer weird for us to talk about. There are many conspiracies about the alien in the west countries including Area 51. Many movies have been made and included alien elements to make it horrific and thrill for their audiences. But now we are talking about the alien version in game development. Of course, game development is not something for everyone to learn, let us agree to that. But to those who actually good in game development, can come out with a really exciting game for their players. 

For instance, let us list a few important elements in game development in relates to the alien version for your understanding. 


Game Environment

The game environment is basically an environment in the game where users will be surrounded after they have entered the game. For example, most games would include materials like trees, mountains, waterfalls, ponds and etc., to give a soothing environment for players during gameplay. But honestly, this game environment is also based on how the gameplay works as well. For instance, if the type of game is a strategic war game, the game environment would usually be in a large field like you watch war scenes in any movies.

Game Development

But for the alien version, I would say the game environment can honestly be anywhere you could think of depending on the game developer. You can still get chased by aliens and running in a house or city. Apart from that, the game developer can also create a game where you are roaming in an alien spaceship looking for something to collect. It is honestly based on the game developer on how they would like to create the game for their players, and I think the best game developers Malaysia are capable of doing and making this kind of games happen for their players.



If you are not a gamer, you should know that there are many types of games that our game developers Malaysia have created such as: 


Asymmetric Video Game

Asymmetrical gameplay is generally when every character in the game has the same amount of movements and deaths, even when the characters have different roles. For example, an asymmetric video game is Cat VS Dog Game.


Cooperative Gameplay

Cooperative Gameplay

Cooperative gameplay allows players to play with their friends or other people as teammates under the same server and beat their opponents. Normally in one team, each character used individuals have different roles such as healing, fighting, support, and taking damage from the opponent team, and some of the examples are Soulknight and Blackmoor. 


Non-Linear Gameplay

Non-linear gameplay is where players will be handed out several options, and the game will continue based on the players’ decisions, that is why it is called non-linear, because it has no straight journey or storyline. But bare in mind that sometimes you are provided with a certain amount of health, and you can also die from choosing the wrong option. For example, one of the non-linear gameplay is Minecraft.

Therefore, any type of gameplay is suitable if the game developer would like to create any Alien version game, because the characters can be manipulated in order to make a successful game. 


Sound And Music Backgrounds

Meanwhile for sound and music backgrounds, is still crucial as one of the elements to do game development. Most game developers would choose the sound and music background that can affect the mood of the players during gameplay. For example, a racing game, the music background normally has its momentum for players to feel the excitement to chase the finish line. For the alien version, in movies for instance, you hardly can see them in daylight, it is usually in night time or in dark places. Thus, I think the sound and music backgrounds that are suitable for alien gameplay is music that has eerie elements but is also fun for players to stay and play the game. 

In conclusion, if the game developer is really knowledgeable and good in game development, they are able to produce and create even for the Alien version. But if you are in doubt, there are many other successful game developers such as the 10 best game development in Malaysia.