Asian streetwear

Halloween Dress Up Ideas From Asian Films

What is Asian Streetwear ?

Predominantly Asian streetwear can be seen worn by people from Asian provinces but now the trend is increasing that people are starting to acknowledge it especially among millennials. The rise of Asian pop culture like K-Pop from Korea and anime from Japan, more clothing lines and fashion staples are curated based on the influences of these elements. It has also gained an overwhelming response from people from all around

Types of Different Asian Street Wear

Predominantly there are about  different types of trends in Asian streetwear which are Korean, Japanese and Chinese. Lets see how we can create a Halloween look based on all 3 cultures and trends that is spooky enough to scare people. 

  • Korean Inspired Halloween Look 

Naturally, Korean style is extremely popular among both male and females. People have created a sort of fandom that has resulted in ever supporting fans in every trend that they release. For women the trend always revolves around off-shoulder tops and mini skirts. One famous character that can be followed would be the one that was featured in the squid game. Everyone knows how famous this series was once and it still is. The very first game shown in this series is the green light, red light game. A female character figurine was placed and safe to say that it created a sort of fear within as its job is to aim and shoot people causing them to die. To create the look, ladies can first wear a yellow collared shirt. You can then pair it with a sleeveless, pleated orange dress. You can finish the whole look by wearing a white socks long enough till it reaches your knee and tie your hair in 2 ponytails 

Since Korean fashion always fantasizes big baggy outfits, guys can opt for characters that depict wearing outfits that are more natural and comfortable. For guys the perfect halloween outfit inspiration can be taken from the movie train to busan. In this movie it shows the norms of Korean outfit culture and the outfit that we are going to choose to recreate is from the character called seok-wook. This is quite easy to recreate. All you have to wear is a simple office outfit that consists of a long sleeve collared white shirt, black slack pants and a formal shoe. To make things even more real, you can splash red coloured water on your shirt making it look like blood. If you feel like that is too much effort you can also dress up as all the other side characters as seen in the picture below. It perfectly depicts the normal attire that koreans wear as part of their daily life. 

  • Japanese Inspired Halloween Look 

Japanese streetwear styles are made out of other different streetwear styles and it is usually basic and comfortable to be worn. Their outfits are usually layered and are often finished with thigh-high stockings. For ladies, here’s an inspiration that you can take from Japanese streetwear that was actually featured in a movie. The main character from the movie Suicide club is a teen girl. Since the character is a school student we ought to put together a school uniform outfit. To recreate this outfit, you can wear a white baggy shirt that is slightly baggy and if you can find the one with stripes at the sleeve it would be even great as it looks even similar to the character. You can pair this shirt with a navy blue or almost black pleated skirt and long clack socks to match it. To complete the whole look you can put a scarf across your neck by tucking it in the collar to look like a school student. If you want you can wet your outfit and shoes a little bit making it look like a tired school student. 

Japanese streetwear is also very famous for its anime inspired outfits. So it would only be nice if we commemorate anime characters as part of a Halloween outfit, am i right ? One of the most famous horror anime characters as seen from the series called deadman wonderland. This character is called Toto Sakigami. He is seen to be wearing a sort of kimono inspired baggy outfit. To recreate this outfit, all you have to do is find a white sheer overall that is about your knee length, it would be even better if you are able to find or customize your outfit by stitching tiny red triangles all around your cardigan to make it look even real. You can also  use red permanent markers to draw circles on the sleeves. You can pair it with plain old white pants underneath it to complete the whole look. 

  • Chinese Inspired Halloween Look 

Chinese streetwear style does not stick to just one particular street style and it always changes their style and always gives importance to comfort over anything else. One famous Japanese horror movie that can be recreated as a Halloween costume would be the one from the movie incantation. Incantation is a very famous Chinese movie that depicts a girl who was cursed after breaking a certain religious taboo. To look is quite easy to be created where all you have to do is drape yourself in a red pale red cloth. Though I must say to make the look more real you would want to use a marker or pen to scribble Chinese wording on your face. Do a very subtle makeup and use nude shade lipstick to make you look pale. The color red is very significant to Chinese which is why you can always see it in their attire. 

If you are up for a Halloween outfit hunt together with your group of friends, then I have something for you as well. This whole outfit set up is as seen in the movie The Childs’ Eyes. This movie is particularly famous. In this movie a group of friends from Hong Kong who happen to go to Thailand for their holiday and end up in a haunted hotel. It is seen that the girls wear very normal clothes that Chinese people would usually wear. It involves shorts, shirt and sleeveless overall. It is to be seen that even a buttoned shirt is used as an overall here. So you and your friends of group of 4 could choose which character you want to dress up as and recreate the look. Since this movie was released back in 2010, it portrays more on the fashion that was top during that time like the short hair and side fringe hairstyle. If you want to make your dress up game for Halloween a step higher you can also go get a haircut like such. People who are ardent fans of Chinese ghost movies would be able to identify you ! 


Although Halloween is a fun festival that was introduced by the people in Uk, it has become a festival that is acknowledged and celebrated by people from most parts of the world. People, be it kids or even elderlies will look forward to Halloween to dress up as their favourite characters and to go collect some sweet treats of course !. There are also many pre-made outfits that are very easily available in stores and also in online shopping platforms. All you have to do is to go look up for your favourite character and find your suitable size.