How Aliens Monitor Our Activity


It comes as no surprise to us that aliens live among us. It’s just something that we have to accept at this point because it’d be almost impossible to set them apart because of their disguises. One of the theories that have come out in recent times is how the aliens have studied humans so well and have advanced themselves higher in the social hierarchy. This means that they could be in high government positions at the moment.

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In this theory, It suggests that the aliens in the government could be in the office and most of them could be in the NSA. Now you’re probably wondering why specifically would the aliens infiltrate the NSA. Before we get into that you must first understand exactly what the NSA does. The NSA or the National Security Agency monitors the behaviour patterns of individuals by listening on their phone calls, monitoring their outgoing messages and tracking their whereabouts through GPS. Some people have leaked some of the confidential dossiers on the NSA hands. Listed below are some of the classified documents that show the proof that the NSA is always monitoring and the proof of aliens in them.


The NSA monitors over 7 billion calls a day. But if you think about it, It’d be impossible to go through all of those a day so they’ve set up a complex system that monitors potential hostile targets to the USA. They monitor for certain keywords such as “Bomb” and “President” in the same phrase. Now if you put those together it may seem as though the president might just be a target for assassination. Now, the question you’re probably asking is why the aliens would protect the president if it doesn’t directly benefit them. The theory here suggests that the president might also be an alien. By hearing and monitoring our calls, It helps the aliens to also learn how to act more like us from a behavioural and physiological standpoint.


The NSA also monitors incoming and outgoing messages for most Americans and foreign immigrants. The reason they can do this is because of a program called PRISM. This program allows the NSA to store network-based messages on their servers. 585 million messages were stored last year based on flagged words alone. The flagged system works similarly to the structure of the phone monitoring. The flag certain keywords used and from then on they pass certain flagged messages on to their personnel to be reviewed from multiple perspectives.

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The NSA also monitors your whereabouts by tracking your GPS footprint from your phone. Present smartphones can now track your whereabouts without you knowing. Have you noticed that whenever you go to certain places like restaurants and gyms? Your phone gives you a pop-up notification to review the place you’ve just visited. Through this, The government can track your habits, activity, expenditures and your life expectancy through purchases made. This is how aliens actually get all their info on how to actually become humans. This entire time, we’ve been showing them the ways and the secrets. 

Internet Activity

Just like GPS tracking, The NSA can track exactly how we use the internet. Google and other companies give their data to the NSA and the NSA also does their own end of monitoring citizens using secret measures. At this point, we can’t confirm if Google is being run by aliens. But it’s safe to say that there’s probably a couple of them over there. Like the GPS, they normally track us through the websites we visit and from there they can get a clearer description of how we think and behave as humans. I predict that they might focus more on this in the future because this is where the human race seems to be leaning on these days. If you do a quick search for web design Penang and web design Malaysia you can just see all the companies that offer services to put your business on the world wide web. 

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In conclusion, we should be wary of the places we visit, the people we talk to and our privacy. Consider going old fashioned by writing letters or maybe put up a VPN and talk in code. You never know but it may help slow down the rise of aliens in our society.