Sexual Evolution

How Do You Think Alien Have Sex?

Typically, human sexual behavior is very normal in showing love towards another human, and an act of love is needed to continue the growth of the population of humans on earth. Meanwhile, for aliens, I mean, we could all see that they don’t exist individually although we could never differentiate the gender, they are always in a group or another alien. Have you wondered how they actually have sex with one another? 

That is one of the questions that humans hardly could interpret and imagine. Of course, the word “evolution of sex” is a complex subject, everyone knows how costly sexual reproduction is. You are required to find a mate, assuring that mate to mix DNA with you, and be exposed to the possibility of sexually transmitted disease or predation while you’re busy getting your pleasure fixed. 

Still, sexual reproduction is normalized on Earth. Will all the conditions given in which sex evolved, it is not impossible that Aliens might get busy, too. 

Sexual Evolution

Sexual Evolution

The director of the Biodiversity Research Centre at the University of British Columbia, Sally Otto mentioned how it is possible for deliberate sexual reproduction to arise with the evolution of eukaryotic cells because the internal membranes hold the frequent accidental uptake of the foreign DNA. 

The only one question that can explain if aliens have sex, Otta continued, is what their cells look like? Furthermore, another thing that Planet Xenon might need to boost the evolution of sex is change. It is proven that organisms receive a lot of benefits from sex because the environment is hardly static, an explanation from Otto. Offspring may have to deal with obstacles that are a bit different from those of their parent’s generation. If there’s a constant change, the genetic variation will be helpful. 

Thus, if an alien planet had, maybe some constant weather, temperature, and other environmental factors, Otto said that “sex would have mainly costs, but no benefits”. 

The hints of how human interests in alien sex and sexuality crawled up and became the first recorded sci-fi history, critical impressions on the ancient myths and histories of humanities in the earlier days. Even in the ninth century, the CE Japanese proto sci-fi fable, which is The Bamboo Cutter and the Moon Child spent a sufficient amount of time talking about how uncommon desires men have towards the Moon Child, who is a woman who fell to earth as a baby and having a beauty that cannot be explained in words. 

Best Of Both Worlds

Best of Both World

Let’s say those alien planets are not fully static, extraterrestrials can try and get the best of both worlds. There are actually small insects that actually suck the juice out of plants by cloning themselves asexually when food is abundant. Moreover, Otto said that the cloning aphids not only have their babies inside them but also managed to have their babies’ babies, “like a set of Russian nesting dolls.”

She continued saying, “that really speeds up reproduction when resources are plenty.

At every end of the growing season, the aphids will normally switch to sexual reproduction. The stress becomes a normal pattern when the time of sex switches. Meanwhile, some of the water flea species spring for sex every time their food supplies drop or when the environment becomes antagonistic, based on what was written in the journal The American Naturalist, in 1981. If you are thinking of the yeast, they simply bud off new offspring most of the time, but you should know that the yeast Candida Tropicalis can reproduce sexually also, reported by researchers in Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences, 2011.

If there’s any encouragement on the evolution of sex on an alien planet, it could also be Alien parasites. In 2011, researchers reported how when it is given a choice, especially when parasites threaten, the organisms will pick sex over asexuality. It is likely having a sexual reproduction gives them more genetic weapons to be used in the race of evolutionary arms against their parasite foes. 

But honestly, knowing that our capabilities to use aliens as reflections for our own experiences and gives hard limits on our ability to envision truly on Alien real sexual experiences. We could be thinking, “oh maybe this is how they would do it,” or “how do they actually explore better ways?”. Maybe with additional devices like the adult toys? Regardless, we could not even come up with proven facts about how they would live on earth and their existence. But there are a lot of adult toys that can be purchased in physical and online stores, that humans could make use of such as Sex Toy Online Malaysia, it is considered the most trusted sex shop online in Malaysia and you only get your purchased item delivered and shipped to any country you are currently in. You know instead of imagining the aliens. Of course, it’s a cool imagination and discussion to have but I feel right now, let the aliens do their things.