How Our Minds Are Affected By Conspiracy Theories During The Pandemic

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We’ve been going through a pandemic all throughout 2020 as well as going into 2021. People have picked up a lot of hobbies and skills, even discovered talents that they didn’t know they had in them. However, another thing that sort of arose during this time is a lot of conspiracy theories. Conspiracy theories are always sought out because of the sole reason that they pull our attention.

Conspiracy theories are as the phrase suggests, they’re theories. Theories that a certain turn of events was planned in secret beforehand instead of happening coincidentally. For instance, a person gets a certain illness and instead of thinking it came naturally from their habits or lifestyle, they theorize that the illness was brought to them as a punishment for something. As if, what did they do to deserve such illnesses?

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So, of course, conspiracy theorists are on the search for more during times like these. Some people believe them and some don’t. This is understandable because some conspiracy theories are supported by proven facts while some are just hearsay. However, let’s delve into why conspiracy theories affect us so much, especially in this pandemic.

Fill Up Our Time

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Yes, one of the reasons is we simply want to fill our time. A lot of us are working from home or not working at all. Even real estate agents are going out of business because no one is searching up any Property Outlook anymore since no one is moving anytime soon. People are losing their jobs and it’s taking a toll on a lot of people. So what do we do? We find something else to occupy ourselves. That’s the thing with humans. We can’t really stay still for too long. Even when we feel lazy, there’s always something that we have to do. So we always try to fill up our time with something. The good thing about conspiracy theories is that it gets people thinking. That’s how it occupies our time. It’s similar to filling a void.

Facing Possibilities 

The thing about conspiracy theories, as mentioned, is that they may or may not be true. Some can be proven and some can’t. But that’s exactly the point. Be it true or not, there is always a possibility. Even when there’s only a slight possibility, it is still a possibility and that’s what gets our brains thinking. That’s what piques our curiosity. When something piques ur curiosity, we tend to delve deeper into it. That’s how some people even become crazy conspiracy theorists. But there’s a satisfaction that comes with finding out the truth because although curiosity kills the cat, satisfaction brought it back.

Desire To Be Involved

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When conspiracy theories are going around, passing from conversation to conversation, people tend to pay attention and look into it more. This is because, with everything that’s going on, people like to be in the loop. This goes for everything, really. People tend to get frustrated when they do not know what everyone else is talking about. Thus, they read almost everything to constantly stay in the loop. So that the next time someone brings up any current controversy or conspiracy, they know of it and discuss it with people. There’s a certain joy of being in the loop and that joy can lead to the spread of conspiracies.

To Have A Sense Of Control

Here’s another thing about humans. Most of us like to be in control of a situation. Some people are okay with things going with the flow and simply letting things happen. However, a lot of people get frustrated when they feel like a situation is not under their control. It’s like a coping mechanism for humans when something uncontrollable or too complex occurs. For instance, Covid-19 happened and spread so fast that a lot of things were changing really quickly. For a lot of people, their lives got turned around in a blink of an eye. Naturally, a lot of people were confused. Thus, they started conspiring.

You see, some people didn’t believe that the virus came from a person eating a bat. Others believed that the government planted the virus. Or maybe it was caused by some other malpractice but it was covered up with a bat story. There were a lot of conspiracy theories, even till now. For a good reason too because even when a professor or doctor was about to discover a vaccine back in 2020, they’d die mysteriously. There is just too many suspiciousness surrounding the whole thing. Covid doesn’t seem like it’s ending soon and neither are the conspiracies. 

In a nutshell, people who spread conspiracy theories are always going to be here. We being stuck at home in a pandemic is not helping with that since people are getting too much time on their hands thus they fill with anything they can get their hands on. 

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