How The Roswell Alien Incident Sparked Decades Of Conspiracy Theories

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In this day and age, several conspiracy theorists consider the “Roswell incident” to be one of the most popular pieces of evidence that the American government has covered up alien existence here on Earth. In fact, Roswell is now regarded as the UFO capital of the world. 

So, What Was The So-Called Roswell Incident?

In the summer of 1947, about 75 miles north of Roswell, New Mexico, some debris from a classified project utilized by the United States Army Air Force to detect Soviet Union atomic bomb tests, was recovered from a ranch. It was reported by William Brazel, a ranch worker.

Intrigued by the bizarre concept of flying saucers, he gathered some of that debris and headed to Roswell. There, he told George Wilcox, the sheriff, about this find. Wilcox reported the incident immediately to Roswell’s USAAF base. The base sent agents to the ranch, but not long before the media picked up the story.

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What Was Reported During That Time?

On July 8, 1947, the RAAF produced a press release stating that a certain “flying disk” had crashed in a Roswell farm during a powerful storm. Later that day, as the government’s scientists arrived in the location, that story somehow appeared to change. 

A press conference was organized and held, and they stated that what crashed was a weather balloon, not a flying disk. They showed wood, rubber, foil, and other debris that confirm that it was indeed a weather balloon. Brazel, later on, said that he regretted the vast publicity that the misidentification had caused.

What Was Project Mogul?

Project Mogul” was a classified initiative made to detect sound waves in our upper atmosphere from the Soviet Union’s atom bomb tests. While the technology behind it was quickly superseded, the project remained a secret for over 20 years after the event. 

How Did It Become The Talk Of The Town?

For 31 years this story was forgotten until the publication The National Enquirer reported the original story again, without the Roswell Daily Record (that it’s a weather balloon, not a flying disk) correction. Different theories came up, suggesting that the American government’s incomplete account had been an obvious attempt to cover up the discovery of an extraterrestrial spacecraft

Were There Other Witnesses?

Many people claimed to have witnessed debris scattered over a huge area. At least one individual reported witnessing a blazing aircraft shortly before it crashed. However, the key account came from Glenn Dennis, a former mortician, who said that a friend who worked as a Roswell Army Air Field nurse had accidentally walked into a room where physicians were bent over bodies of three strange creatures. These creatures resemble humans, but they have spindly arms, giant bald heads, and small bodies.

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