Interesting Facts About The Millennium Falcon In Star Wars

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For all you Star Wars fans, here’s an interesting article for you. Even if you’re a Hufcor Glasswall Specialist, this article will be interesting to you too because it will be mentioning the interior design of spaceships. It’s amazing how Star Wars have been going on for as long as it is. Its stories are still going on with more in-depth storylines and younger actors to retell the origin stories of the characters like with one of the recent movies titled, Solo: A Star Wars Story. It centres around one of the main characters, Han Solo. Speaking of which, this article will talk about Han Solo’s ship, the Millennium Falcon.

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Before we get into some of the lesser-known facts of the famous Millennium Falcon, let’s get into how the Star Wars production team actually put together the ship. You may or may not know this but the ship was actually built with parts of a Ferrari and tank model sets. There’d be instances where they’d use different parts of scraps to create smaller models of the ship to shoot scenes that would have chase scenes or docking scenes. In Malaysia, they’d use some of the best Hufcor glass partition to build spaceships and in the Star Wars film series, there are a lot of instances where they use operable glass walls or glass partitions. The interior of the Millennium Falcon was and still is, breathtaking. It’s amazing how the producers or prop designers thought of such an elaborate interior that contributed a lot to the film series. So if you wanna know more about this amazing ship, stick around because here there are:

It Originates Where Han Solo Originated From

Corellia is where all the known smugglers hail from. In a system of five planets collectively known as “The Five Brothers”, Corellia is known as the core world. This is also where a lot of starships exporters are from. One of the aforementioned starships includes the one and only Millennium Falcon. Corellians are known for their skills in building and piloting starships so it’s no wonder that Han Solo is one of the best pilots in the Star Wars film series. But let’s not get confused, there are many talented pilots originating from Corellia. 

Han’s Best Pal Requested The Dejarik Table

Chewbacca is another character in the film known to be very close to Han Solo. He is a very skilled player of Dejarik, which is a holographic game similar to chess. First introduced in one of the movies in the film series, A New Hope, the existence of the Dejarik table in the Millennium Falcon was requested by Chewie. Chewie certainly enjoyed a few games with C-3PO, another character in the film series.

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Han Won The Falcon In A Bet

In a bet with one of Han’s old friends, Baron Landonis Balthazar “Lando” Calrissian III, or just known as Lando, Han had won the Millennium Falcon from him. It was a scene where they played the iconic Sabacc game. This is a big moment for the Falcon as well as Han’s history with his old friend, Lando. Nonetheless, this is where the adventurous story of Han Solo and the Millennium Falcon begins. 

The First Trip Of Han With The Falcon Was To Kashyyyk

Speaking of the beginning of a story, the first trip that Han took in the Millennium Falcon was to Kashyyyk, which is Chewbacca’s home planet. Another historic moment that happened at that time was where Chewbacca married the love of his life, Mallatobuck. However, in the movies and the books, Chewie does not spend much time with his family because of a life debt he owes to Han. So they travel on the Falcon together going on adventures. 

It Was A Vessel Used To Kidnap Princess Leia

As we know, Han Solo and the beautiful Princess Leia had quite a long relationship with each other. At some point, Han decided to stop smuggling so he could track down and kidnap the Princess. He tricks Leia into leaving an arranged marriage, which was a good thing, and he brought her to the dark planet of Dathomir. 

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Han Lost It And Got It Back

Yep, you read that right. You see eventually, Lando, the earlier mentioned friend, won back the Millennium Falcon by arguing the validity of the game that resulted in Han getting the ship. However, he gave it back to Han when he wanted to impress Mara Jade, an important EU figure. Also, in one of the recent movies, it is shown that Han actually lost the ship again and reconnected with his beloved ship by bumping into Rey and Finn. Well, they fought for a bit but only until they realised they were on the same side. 

Thus, this brings us to the end of this article. Did you learn something new about the famous Millenium Falcon? If you did and you enjoyed this article, read more on Storm Area 51 Base Camp.