Is 2020 The Perfect Year For Aliens To Arrive?

Pink Aliens

Let’s face it. 2020 is the best year for aliens to arrive.

Recently, there has been a slow-roll of disclosure about aliens and UFOs in the New York Times. There were even some reports that the Pentagon itself got parts of vehicles or vehicles which were not created on Earth, though Harry Reid, former Senate Majority leader, was either misquoted or walked back from these comments to that effect later on.  

Most of us were old enough to remember when UFO speculations were limited, and when prominent publications and figures wouldn’t even touch it. However, just a few months ago, the U.S. Navy released UFO videos. Since then, more and more stories keep showing up, suggesting that the American government is indeed taking the possibility of these creatures visiting us here on earth more seriously. 

Life on other planets

Life On Other Planets? Well, There Is A Huge possibility.

Maybe there is something out there. Maybe our universe is home to intelligent alien life. But, what would these aliens appear as if we met them? Is it even possible to contact them?

Electromagnetic life forms that exist on neutron stars, for instance, will be hard to communicate with, or even discover. However, basically, the more these species have in common with us humans, the more likely they are to come to our planet. Carbon-based creatures will be more likely to be curious about those planets suitable for carbon-based life. 

What Happens When Aliens Come To Visit Us?

Well, in order to get here on Earth, they need to be at least as smart as us. Them being intelligent is actually troubling. Remember, most bright creatures are carnivores. To talk, they implement good tactics and pattern recognition. We see this in social animals. There are coordinated action and violence. Of course, we can only hope that an advanced alien civilization might have grown past violence. 

If aliens are indeed visiting this planet, it’s possible that they are studying us. We are being studied! What happens if we see them? Will there be a huge culture shock? There was a time before that we think we are the only ones here in the universe. Above us were only God and angels. However, many decades of rich science fiction have undermined that.

It appears that humans are psychologically prepared to handle alien contact. Yes, without the type of trauma that might have dominated an earlier time. If these creatures are really coming, they might as well visit this 2020. From a global pandemic and murder hornets to alien invasion, somehow, it feels right.

To our alien visitors, welcome. Wear a mask, and watch out for those murder hornets. For more articles on aliens, click here.