Is Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg An Alien?

So many unanswered questions

There are many uncertainties in the world that need answers. Is there life in outer space, are there such things as aliens, what is in area 51, and most importantly – is Facebook CEO Mark Zukerberg an alien?

Does Mark Zuckerberg belong on Earth?

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Even though Mark Zuckerberg may be born in New York in 1984 to psychiatrist Karen Kempner and Dentist Edward Zuckerberg, there is something about Mark Zuckerberg that seems very off – giving us the impression that he may not be a human.

For example, when Mark Zuckerberg found out that he was accepted into Harvard University, “human” Mark Zuckerberg does not seem fazed by the fact he got accepted into one of the top prestigious Ivy League universities in the United States.  For a normal human, one would already jump with joy and excitement

Mark Zuckerberg might be an experiment robot made by Aliens to spy on Earth

Many conspiracy theorists suspect that Mark Zuckerberg might be an alien experiment. During a Q & A session back in 2014 at Facebook’s headquarters, the CEO was giving advice to high school students, where he told an audience that he was human before correcting himself to clarify that he is still a human. Strange, only an alien would say such things. Besides that, when someone asked him if he was a lizard, Mark replied back saying that he is not a lizard. That itself is already suspicious as Mark Zuckerberg was caught in his original reptile form when he was surfing in Hawaii. Evidence posted below
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According to CEO Mark Zuckerberg, the reason for the reptile face was that he applied more than the usual volume of sunscreen to keep paparazzi away from taking pictures of him. However, with an estimate of IQ level of 152 – which is considered a genius under the IQ classification, Mark decides to put his alien form IQ to good use by making up the reasons that he put a lot of sunscreen on his face for the paparazzi. In fact, that is what the cunning alien reptile would want you to think as he was caught in his natural form.

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Gathering data from Facebook to understand how to be more human

Facebook came under hot fire in 2018 for a data privacy scandal where up to 87 million people’s data on Facebook was harvested by Cambridge Analytica, a political consulting and strategic communication company firm. Thus, this is a breach of privacy.

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We can understand why CEO Mark Zuckerberg did this. As a species that does not belong on Earth, Mark has a hard time coping with life on Earth. So, in order to understand to be a better human to not blow his cover as a human in disguise, Mark Zuckerberg is really invested in improving Facebook’s bedwars server so that he can continue gathering more data to understand what it means to be human.

Combating fake news

There is a reason why Facebook has been combating fake news that is published on Facebook. Besides just preventing Facebook users from being misinformed on what is going on with the world’s affairs, Facebook is combating fake news because Mark Zuckerberg wants to curb the spread of fake news that he is an Alien, reptile and robot. There is without a doubt that CEO Mark Zuckerberg is so generous in trying to fight fake news. In fact, this is just a smokescreen by Mark Zuckerberg to combat any news that says is not human as more and more people are getting aware that Mark Zuckerberg does not belong on Earth. With his empire being threatened, Mark is doing everything he can within his powers to hold on as much as he can.

In conclusion

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In conclusion, we can understand why many people would be suspicious of Mark Zuckerberg being an alien, robot or reptile. According to the evidence that was gathered, it is so hard to look past Mark Zuckerberg of not being an alien as all the words that come out of his mouth are usually something no ordinary human being would even say. With that, we should keep an eye on Mark Zuckerberg as he may pose a threat to our wonderful civilization.