Is It true That Alien Secrets Were Hidden At Area 51 And Roswell? ‘Project Blue Book’ UFO Hunters Investigate.

Area 51 Prohibited Area

There are only two legendary places for UFO seekers. One is Area 51 that is located in groom Lake, Nevada. This is where the American government has long maintained its secret base. Some say this is where they hide UFO-related experiments and technology. The second location in Roswell, New Mexico. This was where the sightings of a so-called flying disk electrified the small town back in 1947. 

These much-discussed, mysterious sites are the focus of Project Blue Book’s second season. Project Blue Book is a History Channel drama that depends on an actual United States Air Force program by the same name, in which experts investigated UFO reports from 1952 to 1969. 


In this new season, premiering Jan. 21, Aidan Gillen returns as the professor and astrophysicist Dr. J. Allen Hynek, who served as the program’s science advisor many years ago. He is known to many fans as the “father of UFOlogy.” As his team continues to look for the truth about unidentified flying objects, they uncover new details on government cover-ups and deception, set against an intense Cold War backdrop. 

The show incorporates legendary UFO stories that still baffle people’s imagination up to this day, as per the History channel.

Project Blue Book’s first season was an introduction to the weird UFO phenomenon. The second season, on the other hand, is about going back to the very beginning. This is to point out where the conspiracy was, said Sean Jablonski, the show’s executive producer and writer. 

To accomplish that, the “Project Blue Book” team went to Roswell, New Mexico. They noted eyewitness accounts of individuals who resided there at the time of the alleged flying disk crash, as well as the subsequent military cover-up.

While the Roswell events happened six years before the Project Blue Book investigation started, the story is connected with America’s UFO lore. This is the reason why the writers felt the need to add it, said David O’Leary, the show’s co-executive producer, writer, and creator. It is basically the great-great-grandfather of UFO cases. 

The Roswell Incident happened in July 1947. After a thunderstorm, weird debris was quickly collected by military authorities at Roswell Army Air Field, as per the city’s official website. Then a press release issued by Lt. Walter Haut, the public information officer, on July 8, 1947, described that a flying saucer crashed, and it was now in the possession of the army.

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