Know The 5 Observables: 5 UFO Traits That Need Explanation

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Labeled the ‘5 observables’ by an ex-Pentagon investigator, these traits include erratic movement, hypersonic speed, and the ability to fly even when they’re no wings.

When Luis Elizondo managed a little team at the United States Department of Defense investigating reports of UAP (unidentified aerial phenomena), he heard several of such accounts. These accounts even came from some of the most highly trained, experienced military aeronautic experts. 

They said that these unknown objects appeared to be controlled intelligently. They possessed aerodynamic capabilities that clearly surpassed any known aircraft technology. These accounts from radar operators and fighter pilots were among the encounters the team at Unidentified explored. 

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When Elizondo managed the AATIP (Advanced Aerospace Threat Identification Program), or the Defense Department initiative, he put together a list of logic-defying, extraordinary capabilities commonly connected with these unidentified aerial sightings. He called these traits “5 observables”: 

Cloaking, Or Low Observability, Or Cloaking

Even when these weird objects are observed, getting a detailed, clear view, even through radar, remains hard. In general, witnesses only see the haze or glow around them. 

Trans-Medium Travel

Some UAPs have been witnessed moving conveniently in and between various environments, including in the water. In the Nimitz incident, people described an unidentified flying object hovering over a “disturbance,” under the ocean’s calm surface. This leads to the speculation that another aircraft entered the water. 

Anti-Gravity Lift

Unlike any recognized aircraft, these bizarre objects have been seen overcoming our planet’s gravity with zero visible means of propulsion. These flying objects also lack flight surfaces like wings. Witnesses of the Nimitz incident describe the aircraft as tubular, similar to the size of a Tic Tac candy.

Instantaneous, Sudden Acceleration

The flying objects may change direction or accelerate rapidly that no human pilot can ever accomplish. Again, in the Nimitz incident, people who operated the radars said that they monitored one of the UFOs as it fell from the sky at over 30 times the speed of sound. 

David Fravor, a Black Aces squadron commander, was the Nimitz-based pilot who was sent to intercept one of the UFOs. He said it has rapid side-to-side movements. It was later captured on an infrared video.

Hypersonic Velocities, And No Signatures

If an aircraft moves faster compared to the speed of sound, it usually leaves “signatures,” such as sonic booms and vapor trails. Several UFO accounts don’t offer such evidence. 

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