Preparations On Surviving Aliens Invasion

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Ever since we were kids, we have always been fed with fantastical and imaginative stories about aliens. How do our parents or people around know about the existence of aliens? There has been an opinion on how these extraterrestrial creatures had once, many years ago descended to Earth and were greeted and saluted by the earthlings. There are pilots who have also witnessed sightings of unfamiliar aircrafts that have never been seen before that are later identified as the UFOs. The glimpses of this unnatural object have been recorded quite frequently and one in February.

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Aliens are often characterized as small, having big heads and bulging eyes as what we see with those in E.T (1982). However, the demogorgon in Stranger Things (2016)  is also an alien species and it is terrifying not small but huge and hostile. Knowing that extraterrestrials come in different shapes and sizes unlike human beings,  have you ever wondered what would alien infiltration be like when it really plunges to Earth? Here are some precautions we should take in preparing for an alien invasion:

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Stockpile Basic Necessities

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Just like how we used to prepare for the new wave of COVID-19 pandemic, stockpiling everyday essentials is the most important part. We are unable to imagine how badly impacted all of us will be during the infiltration. However as we can see from other films especially The Walking Dead which gives very useful tips in dealing with zombie apocalypse that basic resources are so much needed during the trying time. The first thing you will need to know is how many people will be with you so that you can prepare enough things for each one of them. But you must take this into mind that this is unnecessarily different from panic buying. Panic buying is when you buy stuff you need and do not need in a huge amount that you yourself know is more than needed. We have to buy just enough to survive so that others will have the chance to stock up as well. The first thing you have to get is water. Humans can barely go on with living after 3 days straight without water. The next thing you may need is food. Instant food is best in terms of a long expiration date. Also try to avoid drying food that can make you crave too much water! 

Charge Portable Chargers And Gadgets Full

As we are living in the age where one could never go by a day without staring at and scrolling down their smartphones, that statement is not exaggerating one bit. Since we have never once in history seen that there is a taking over by the aliens, we have to prepare for all the impossible things to possibly happen during the invasion. One of them is the power shortage. Smartphones are the only thing that can help us occupy our time and divert our worrying regarding the extraterrestrials. You should also be preparing some board games and other games that do not depend on power supply. Your fully-charged power banks should be used only in emergencies. In this uncertain time, in order to ensure no smartphone battery is low, self-limitation should be imposed while using the gadgets. 

Lock Yourself In The House

As you have stocked up your daily essentials such as water, food, tissues and many others. You should also make sure your portable chargers are full. The next thing to do is to lock yourself in your house safely. It is important to be away from all the alien commotion as to not attract any of the extraterrestrials’ attention to your house and further harm your friends and family. However, before you really settle down in your house quietly, there are some things you should make certain of, which is the house exterior. You do not know how long the invasion would be and the period you have to stay inside, therefore knowing the full state of your house on the outside is vital to avoid any leakage. In case of heavy rains, you have to ensure your roof guttering is in good condition. Your roof drainage system may need fixing to ensure no blockage or leakage happening when you are hibernating. You can visit the best roof gutter in Malaysia for any fixing. Your house area needs to be secured too so that everyone is safe when the aliens invade.

No one ever knows when will alien infiltration ever happen and what forms of life will it take if they were to invade the Earth. In Ender’s Game (2013), they illustrate that the aliens can be as an ant form. Scientists have researched that meteors movement is the first sign of the attack and so far, there has been none. As long as you know what to prepare for this, you are good to go. If you want to read more and prepare yourself regarding aliens, read here