Scientist Says The Aliens In UFOs Might Be Earthlings From The Future

Aliens Future

We’ve been talking about alien life for centuries now, and we’re all fascinated by it. A lot of people are exploring conspiracy theories that the American government is hiding an alien spaceship somewhere. Some people believe it, others think it’s not true. Whatever your stand is, our search for more evidence continues. Well, here’s another interesting news. 

Michael Masters, a biological anthropology professor at Montana Technological University, thinks that unidentified flying objects are not aliens. For him, they are humans from the future. 

For many people, the existence of aliens is undeniable. Several professionals, including those who have analyzed a recently released video from the United States Navy, are convinced that some reports of flying disks of unknown origin all throughout history are true.

A small number of reputable scientists think some of these UFO sightings can be genuine mysteries. Lights in the sky that look like solar flares or shooting stars? Some other unique light tricks? There are really sightings that will never be explained by science.  

So, they are not from an alien planet, and can’t be explained by anyone and anything in our world. What if they’re from the future? That’s not really as far-fetched as it sounds.

The theory here is that there seems to be plenty of UFO sightings evidence, but absolutely none for aliens. Many professionals have used extraterrestrials as an explanation for those mysteries that have no empirical clarifications. The proponents of these bizarre ideas claim that alien people visited our planet long ago in our history, yet all they have had to offer are thought experiments.

Michael Masters, a  biological anthropology professor at Montana Technological University, wrote a book on this topic. The book discusses the concept of advancing technology.

Spooky silhouettes of aliens

Let’s think about it this way. Imagine taking a vehicle back in time — around 600 years. Some individuals may understand how it operates after seeing it move. However, they can be amazed by their craftsmanship or speed. They’ll think that it’s so awesome. 

Thus, it’s safe to believe that future humans will have technology that will blow our minds at present. This theory supports the idea that, someday, time travel will be invented.

The concept that they can be future Earthlings watching us through time travel is remarkable. Aside from assuming that time travel is real, there are other huge problems with this theory. UFO sightings are not exactly reported at certain historical moments. They’re typically seen by ordinary individuals doing very ordinary things. 

If you, at some point, believe that UFOs built the pyramids, then it’s certainly not a huge leap to accept the idea that aliens are time travelers from the far or near future who just managed to be seen because they warp quickly. 

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