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Snacks and Games: How Do We Make It Healthy?

Games and snacking? What is in your head once these two words cross your mind? I would assume that you are going to take it as an unhealthy habit, am I right? We are probably thinking that way because we are so used to seeing how these two habits could lead people to unhealthy lifestyles. However, there are always solutions or strategies to cope with everything if we think of it thoroughly with research and observations. 

Snacking While Gaming

Gaming and snacking would not forever be something unhealthy if you could actually balance on how you are to do or the frequency. But since we are talking about snacking while gaming, it is beyond doubt on how without proper control, it could lead to you doing something unpleasant. This of course would have a bad impact towards your life routine, health, physical look and also productivity.

Hence why, balance and self-control are always important elements to be concerned and taken care of for everyone in whatever they are doing. Am I right? This probably would sound impossible for someone that is used to having no limitations or self-control, but please do take care of how you are adapting gaming and snacking routines in life.

How Do We Gaming and Snacking Healthily?

What do you think? Will this be impossible for you and people that are really committing their life in gaming? This eventually would be the best solution for this, which is to do it healthily. I believe we are well aware of how this kind of habit wouldn’t be easily gotten rid of in a short period of time, hence why excellent solutions must be handled pretty well to cope with it. 

If you are someone that used to play games without any limitations or self-control, then it is actually time for you to start setting up limits. For example, you can actually come up with a schedule on how many times you are allowed to play a game in a day, along with that do set up the time limits also. Believe it or not this would eventually help you in coping with the game addiction if you actually set it up properly.

Moving on to the snacking while gaming, so how do we fix this? Full concentration while gaming would eventually lead you to snacking unhealthily unconsciously, but there will be one way for you to cope with it. Instead of snacking on something that is not healthy, you could actually change it to some healthy snacks that would be beneficial to your health. This in a way wouldn’t give a bad impact and effects on both health and lifestyle while you can still have fun.

Changing The Patterns of Snacking While Gaming

After making sure that you could actually handle the game’s limitations and addiction, I believe it would be a piece of cake for you to actually control your snacking habits too. However, any improvements would need time, it’s always slowly but surely because we eventually know that no matter how slow, there will always be great chances for us in the future. 

Mixing both healthy life and fun life indeed need a little more effort and things to deal with, hence why, a proper plan and schedule are needed to ensure that we could stick to it no matter how. In this case, let us see how we could actually still live the snacking while gaming fun life into something healthy. Below are the suggestions for you to follow:

Baked Flavoured Chips vs. Beef Jerky

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It is undeniable that we will tend to crave for salty or savoury foods to snack on right? So there are actually ways to cope with this healthily. There are so many healthy brands in supermarkets that have come out with healthy snacks for a healthy diet. So eating healthy wouldn’t be a problem anymore. 

This is where you should be a great consumer by checking and comparing the ingredients. Instead of snacking on baked flavoured chips that you used to do, you could actually shift to healthy beef jerky from Boikey’s Biltong.

Rice Cakes vs. Granola Bulk

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Next, we also know how rice cakes have the good taste to be snacking on, especially while gaming, don’t they? It would be just perfect to have rice cakes while having fun. But did you know that snacking on granola bulk also could be a holy snack while gaming? 

Other than being a healthy snack, you will also get to kill two birds with one stone when you can eventually have a fun and healthy life at the same time. It might be awkward at the first try, but trust me it would feel good once you have normalised that in your routines. 

Pretzels vs. Almond

Who doesn’t love pretzels right? But since we are talking about snacking while gaming in a healthier way, it is time for you to change your pretzels to almond! Fret not because you lose nothing from these changes. We acknowledge how health is in a way more precious than anything, hence why we shouldn’t sacrifice it for that.

Compared to pretzels, almonds are high in nutrients, magnesium and also vitamin E with a lot of dietary fibre. Snacking on sweet foods too much would eventually make it worse to our health and lifestyle.

Smoothies vs. Green Tea

Any smoothie wouldn’t always be bad for your health, but somehow the smoothies that you bought would have the highest possibility of containing too much sugar. This is why sitting and gaming while sipping on smoothies shouldn’t be habits. 

Instead of smoothies, you can actually substitute it with green tea. Green tea undeniably contains a lot of benefits and healthy purposes to a human being such as helping in reducing weights and several severe diseases. However, it would be great if you can actually drink a lot of plain water to stay hydrated.

Sweet Candies vs. Strawberry

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Last but not least, have you noticed how we are normalising snacking on sweet candies and all as a distraction to not lose concentration etc? These unhealthy snacks could actually be shifted to snacking on fruits. Fruits can be the healthiest source of sugars that you could actually take in a healthy way.