Some Scientists Theorize That Aliens May Already Be Here In Earth, But We Don’t Recognize Them

Galactic Alien

Stargazing scientists have recently started to focus on the possibility of coming across intelligent aliens. The more they contemplate on it, the more they realize the first meetings won’t be with small green men from flying saucers.

The appearance of aliens is a growing question among reputable astrobiologists. They actually think that alien creatures are more Lilliputian, not reptilian or mega-brained or reptilian.

Alien life

According to the chairman emeritus of Foothill College’s astronomy department Andrew Fraknoi, that is an intriguing possibility. At the end of the day, we don’t really know. Fraknoi taught a course on aliens at Fromm Institute, University of San Francisco. He believes that aliens, as life forms, can very well be unrecognizable or microscopic.

He speculates that members of a billions-old civilization might now have evolved into a mechanical-biological mix, such as a robot with a brain. These creatures might be capable of living for thousands upon thousands of years as they gravitate through space. 

This speculation comes right after the recent discovery of a pair of interstellar objects zipping past planet Earth prompted huge interest among different scientists. Back in 2017, a cigar-shaped, red spinning object was spotted. It was eventually called 1I/Oumuamua. This followed a sighting of a comet – 2I/Borisov. 

UFO sighting in the sky

1I/Oumuamua and 2I/Borisov are the two first verified sightings of objects speeding past outside our solar system. By their very existence, these objects brought home to several astronomers the reality that vessels or rocks potentially carrying various biological spores from other solar systems can actually reach planet Earth. 

The idea got a boost from Avi Loeb. Avi Loeb is the chairman of Harvard University’s astronomy department. He co-wrote a paper suggesting that Oumuamua’s elongated, odd shape and unique non-gravitational acceleration can mean that it’s a mechanical probe sent by an alien civilization.

The object was first spotted by the Institute for Astronomy – University of Hawaii. It was, by all accounts, very strange. It passed the sun last September 9, 2017, at a fast speed of 196,000 mph. It was slowly spinning, similar to a bottle on its side. It was also missing the “dust” or “gas” tail that would signify a comet.

Many astronomers all over the world instantly attacked Loeb’s hypothesis

Last year, a study published in Nature Astronomy concluded that the Oumuamua was not a spaceship but a rocky conglomeration.

According to Loeb, objects like Borisov and Oumuamua could have been synthetic. He said that humans will be well served by coming up with techniques for figuring out if such objects were constructed. For him, alien life is too significant for humans to discount without a thorough investigation. 

Loeb said that there is a possibility that alien life exists elsewhere. He said that we shouldn’t pretend that we are the only ones here – the most intelligent kids on the block. There is a huge possibility that we aren’t the smartest ones alone.

Some suggested that alien life-forms can be little inactive spores that float in the solar system. They are just waiting for the right conditions to thrive. They can be used by alien civilizations to figure out whether Earthlings are a huge threat and must be eliminated.

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