Strange Alien Occurrences Science Could Not Explain

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Vector banner on the theme of alien invasion. Realistic illustration of an UFO flying over the forest. Earth landscape and a flying saucer with bright ray in the night sky

Talking about aliens is like making a conversation with the law of question itself – once you ask, it leads to yet another question, and then to another, making it near impossible to conclude even a simple one line answer. The existence of these enigmatic creatures from outer space is hard to interpret to the human mind, extending more than just mankind’s train of thoughts. It requires a critical thinking, outside of the box ideas and genius convictions, however is it worth investigating 

That is what makes it fun to study about aliens – you think, you come up with some big brain theories and conspiracies, you share them to the world and receive likes on Instagram (or you can buy instagram likes from for that engagement boost). Who knows, you might be noticed by the renowned National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA) themselves. It is never wrong to have a huge dream!

But we digress, it still does not change the fact that these odd incidents ever happened on Earth are so mind-boggling, it is too intriguing to ignore. So here are 4 alien occurrences science finds them so strange they could not explain it further by logic and sense:

Crop Circles

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Many questions are revolving for this one – where did it come from, how it was made, what made it possible to leave a mark on Earth without being seen or heard, and if it is ever an alien activity at all? As much as there is mystery to solve the origins and making of crop circles, it also weighs the same on whether it is but a mere hoax to get the alien stuff all riled up. From an extraterrestrial standpoint, the detailed geometric forms were created by alien spaceships arriving on Earth, where the sophisticated design of the saucer’s bottom molded the crops or any surface into their mathematical designs. It is also speculated that the aliens utilized invisible energy beams from a distance on the planet. 

Unidentified Flying Object (UFO)

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Ah, yes, the infamous floating saucer taking off from your dinner table. The UFOs are related to the previous point about the crop circles of how a simple landing on a chosen area can carve an alien trace on your months worth of crops (or your perfectly gardened courtyard). UFO sightings have been commonplace throughout the years, ever since the first reported sighting on Earth in 1947, when pilot Kenneth Arnold watched mysterious flying saucers dip and swerve at breakneck speed. It only took one interview from him  when everything immediately changed as alien conspiracies conquer the world and take over the media till this day.

Metal Monolith


Located in an undisclosed area of southeastern Utah, the tall, gleaming metal structure, now dubbed a monolith, took the world by storm. The monolith is made up of three stainless steel plates that were riveted together. Found in the year 2020 where technology is advanced and information spreads fast, it came as no surprise that it sparked a slew of hypotheses about how it got there, especially its connections with aliens. It is open to speculation that it is the work of extraterrestrials, however, this 10-12 feet tall monolith might be concluded as the same as the crop circles: a hoax. One source stated it could be a set prop for a film mistakenly abandoned by the design team, or a work of art illegally placed as a homage to the minimalist artist John McCraken. Nevertheless, it is no doubt a strange occasion how these things often end up in lovely and intriguing places like Utah, notably this monolith with a red stone backdrop, ideal for a science fiction vibe. It may not be completely true, but it is not entirely impossible for these bulky-headed, long-fingered, green Earth foreigners to exist in the universe.

Alien Abduction 


Let’s be real for a second, you can not help but be logical about it. It is hard to believe what people like us would tell about their experiences with aliens and the kidnapping they have endured. Yes, we are not one to judge or blame the victim, but then again, it seems too far-fetched for something which has yet to confirm its existence to take away humans for experiments and among other things they do in their flying ship. In a medical/psychological perspective, it could be a sleep paralysis these victims were having or has a past of hypnotization. Many of the reported cases have similar descriptions of having surgical procedures, altered state of consciousness, uniformly colored beings with conspicuous eyes in a futuristic room beneath a round luminous saucer like object; nakedness, suffering, and lack of control while the body’s boundaries are probed. These documentations are too consistent to take it seriously, nevertheless, they keep coming every year that it seems believable at some point.