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Terminal Invasion: The Alien Attack


Everyone knows that James Bond and movies remain as an evergreen classic. It was and will be everyone’s favorite no matter how much time has passed. He is an impeccable actor and his movies are all great. One of James Bond’s movies that is unique enough to attract everyone would be the movie called Terminal Invasion which was released in the year 2002. This movie is taken in the Sci-fi genre and gotten encouraging response from pubic upon release 

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It all starts when a police vehicle crashes into a tree. The vehicle is filled with murderers and when the crash happened, the prisoners together with the officers would manage to escape and land themselves in an airport. They did show a little bit of the airport and the airport transportation services  that are involved in the setting. While bringing in the prisoners, clients seem to be arguing with the person who is in charge of the charter service. While they are in the washroom the guards who escorted Jack, the protagonist of the film, get killed. 

Looking at this situation, Jack acted quickly by attempting to murder the person but beyond his surprise the person’s body eventually vanishes. This is when the whole story of finding out the mysterious person would arise. People would have doubts whether or not the person is actually a human or other species like aliens. The main character, Jack and other people involved would want to find out who actually is that. In the process of finding out they would discover another interesting point that an elderly woman is an alien. This would be found out when the x-ray machine in the airport would scan the baggage and the people. Once discovered she proceeds to kill the airport security guard. Jack has to go to Canada and he proceeds to make up his mind to take a flight there. He would find out that there are many other people who are actually aliens there and as a matter of fact they are all children. 

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While they were in the flight, the other passengers were obstructed in the lounge, not allowing them (the aliens) to enter. This situation would cause a massive fight. Jack and another person from his team will find boxes that have guns in it. They will then use it to fight with the children. Things will get heated when everyone starts fighting and more people get killed. Jack would be the person rescuing people from being attacked by aliens by fighting them off and trying not to allow them into the lounge. 

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Just when the fight gets subsidized, Jack would receive a call from an unknown person. That person would happen to be the last person who is left out in the plane disguising his voice as the pilot. This is the plot twist of the entire film. That remaining person is also an alien and would force another passenger to tell everyone that Jack is the person who is deliberately killing everyone. The alien would offer Jack to escape while leaving others behind to die. Jack would seem to be convinced but he would actually remove the bullet from the gun. All the remaining people, Jack and the pilot would throw the alien in a moving propeller causing it to die.


Overall it is a very intriguing story and keeps surprising people with its several plot twists. In a nutshell it’s a story of how survivors are trapped in a place filled with aliens and how they managed to escape. In a sense that it would make people wonder who would actually be the alien and when people start to figure out that there are alot of aliens, they begin to think who all it would be. It is also said that one of the major lessons from this movie is that nobody would be trusted as even salt looks like sugar. All the characters played their roles well and that they gave justification to the characters. To have made a movie like this back in 2002 is definitely a big thing because it is not easy with the VFX and all.

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 There were a few flaws here and there as certain story lines were a little predictable like you would essentially know how things would end and all. The part that makes the movie and story interesting is the unpredictable story lines. However they did have a major plot twist in the end that definitely made the audience jaw drop. Rosie, the female lead of the films, also made a very good lead. It is definitely a movie that is worth watching so be sure to add it to your to watch list. 

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