That Time Winston Churchill Wrote About Aliens


So, what did Winston Churchill do to distract himself from the Nazi Germany threat in 1939? As per a recently discovered essay, the prime minister distracted himself by writing about aliens. 

It was October 1939, many weeks after Great Britain declared war on Germany. Just restored to his previous post as the British Admiralty’s first lord, Churchill sent his most recent science article to a publisher. The article may have been for the News of the World Sunday London newspaper.

 Fast Forward to the late 1950s, right after leading the nation through the second world war, he returned to that unpublished essay. He made some typographical changes. He also refined the title, so it would reflect more scientific terminology. From “Are We Alone in Space?,” he changed it to “Are We Alone in the Universe?” He did this while he was on vacation in Southern France. He was at the Villa of Emery Reves, his publisher.

Winston Churchill

After Reves’s death in the 1980s, his widow passed this manuscript to the National Churchill Museum in Missouri. This was where Winston Churchill had delivered his popular Iron Curtain speech back in 1946. The essay remained there until the year 2016, when Timothy Riley, the museum’s new director, saw it in the archives. 

The museum invited Mario Livio, an Israeli astrophysicist, to review the article. Then, he published the analysis in the journal Nature.

According to Livio, Winston Churchill contemplated the possibility of extraterrestrial life. His thought process was like that of a scientist. First, he defined life and listed requirements for it to exist. This includes liquid water. From there, he moved on to speculate about the possibility of other life forms in other solar systems. 

What’s even more interesting is that Churchill anticipated the discovery of so-called exoplanets by over 50 years. Moreover, he wrote about what scientists of today call the “Goldilocks” or “habitable” zone around a star. 

Extraterrestrials would have been on several people’s minds when Winston Churchill wrote the unearthed essay. Just a year earlier, some people who listened to “The War of the Worlds” radio dramatization panicked, thinking that the news of an invasion was genuine. 

H.G. Wells was actually friends with Churchill. Churchill was a fan of his book entitled “The Time Machine.”

Do you know that this wasn’t the only time Winston Churchill showed his fascination with possible extraterrestrial life? One of his earlier articles, published in the year 1924, was entitled “Are There Men on the Moon?” 

Moreover, British intelligence records released back in 2010 proved that Winston Churchill ordered that a reported unidentified flying object sighting by the RAF during WW2 be kept secret to avoid “mass panic.”

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