The Best Alien Conspiracy Theories

Alien waving

For alien enthusiasts and conspiracy theorists, every day is World UFO Day. In the year 1947, the United States Air Force surveillance balloon (was it really?) crashed near Roswell, New Mexico, resulting in an overwhelming series of government secrecy, and alien abductions and sightings. It’s time for speculation and sharing. Here are some of the most chilling alien conspiracy theories that you should know about. 

Hypothetical alien megastructures

Remember there was a time when astronomers hypothesized that an advanced alien megastructure was orbiting Tabby’s star KIC 8462852? The hunt for alien races continues, and we’re still waiting for something to happen. Who knows? Maybe they are really parked around 1,500 light-years away.

Life in cosmos

Dominant life forms in Cosmos are artificial and alien

For some people, E.T. life may come in the form of robots that can outsmart humans in many ways. Some astronomers and philosophers are now saying that dominant lifeforms in the universe are most likely artificial. They are actually far more sophisticated than humans.

Modern UFO Hunters

We all know that UFO hunters don’t have the best reputation. Alien believers have been pictured as conspiracy-loving, paranoid people who stand up for pseudoscience over the genuine thing. Now, a new group of UFO hunters is trying to change that. 

CIA’s Guide to Taking Photos of UFOs

Jordan Pearson, the staff writer, sifted through tons of documents released by the Central Intelligence Agency (CIA) regarding their own UFO projects back in the 1940s and 1950s. Buried amidst other curiosities were comprehensive instructions on how to take a photo of a UFO for analysis.

The Argument Against Calling UFOs and Aliens

We are now trying more and more ways to reach out to different alien civilizations. But, turns out, some people think that it’s a stupid idea. A scientist raised the possibility that announcing our location may lead to an attack that can end the human race. 

The Valley of the UFOs

Hooper, a small Colorado town, is famous for its UFO Watchtower. This site is host to a big number of UFO sightings, and happens to sit on top of the “Bermuda Triangle of the West.” 

Russia’s Dyatlov Pass Incident

This is one of the strangest unsolved mysteries of the last century. Nine skiers gruesomely and mysteriously died amidst the Russian tundra. The circumstances of their deaths remain unknown. However, trace evidence suggests that something alien and foul was afoot.

The Black Knight Satellite

Conspiracy theorists believe that in the year 1899, Nikola Tesla got in touch with aliens from Mars. They believe that Tesla received transmissions from a certain 13,000-year-old alien artifact orbiting around Earth. It is now known as the Black Knight Satellite. The big question is, where is it today?

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