The Most Credible UFO Sightings Of The 21st Century

UFO sightings in 21st Century

What do mile-long strobe lights, Tic Tac-shaped aircraft, and sauce all have in common? Well, they all defy explanation. Back in 2017, many news organizations revealed the details surrounding AATIO (Advanced Aviation Threat Identification Program), a United States government-funded program that investigated UFOs between 2007 and 2012. This $22 million program was not the first of its kind, though. 

Official American government UFO studies started in the late 1940s. It happened with the help of “Project Sign.” Project Sign provided some of the most credible proof of aerial phenomena. Curious? Here are some of the details you would surely love to know. Below are 5 of the most believable incidents of the 21st century.

Stephenville Washington

The 2008 Stephenville Sightings 

Stephenville, Texas, a small town 100 miles southwest of Dallas, is known for its dairy farms. However, on the night of January 8, 2008, several of its residents saw something unique in its skies. They reported white lights right above Highway 67. First, it was one horizontal arc. Then, it shifted to vertical parallel lines. No sound was ever reported. People believed that what they witnessed was too technologically advanced for humankind’s current abilities. 

The 2015 East Coast GO FAST Video 

When news leaked back in 2017 about the so-called Advanced Aviation Threat Identification Program, a unique video emerged. This video revealed an encounter between unidentified aerial phenomena and F/A-18 Super Hornet. The bizarre aircraft was similar to the one spotted at San Diego back in 2004. It was white oval and fast-moving. Around 45 feet long, it has no wings and no plume. The object was tracked 25,000 feet above the Atlantic Ocean. It rotated on its axis and flew away immediately. 

The Lights Above the New Jersey Turnpike on 2001

The incident happened on July 14, 2001, on the New Jersey Turnpike. For about 15 minutes after midnight, people saw weird orange-and-yellow lights in a V formation. At first, traffic controllers denied the presence of jets and airplanes that may have caused those lights. However, a group called NY-SPI (New York Strange Phenomena Investigators) claimed to get FAA radar data that verified the UFO sighting from that evening. 

The USS Nimitz Encounter of 2004

Back on November 14, 2004, the USS Princeton saw an unknown aircraft on a radar 100 miles off San Diego’s coast. For around two weeks, the ship’s crew had been monitoring objects that appeared around 80,000 feet. The UFO eventually plummeted to hover above the Pacific Ocean. 

O’Hare International Airport Saucer of 2006

Flight 446 was preparing to fly to North Carolina from O’Hare International Airport in Chicago when a United Airlines employee noticed a dark grey metallic object hovering over gate C17. It was November 7, 2006, and a total of 12 United Airlines employees and some witnesses outside the airport saw the saucer-shaped craft at about 4:15 p.m. 

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