The Mystery Surrounding Lovette/Cunningham Case

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The details are both strange and horrifying: corpses found under the sky with tongues removed, private parts excised and eyes plucked out. All of these were extracted with utmost precision, and not leaving even just a drop of blood. 

Reports of these unexplained mutilations, done on both animals and humans, have confused investigators for many decades. It even resulted in speculation about whether the murderers might be extraterrestrials doing biological experiments on earthlings. While several reports have turned from the United States’ midwestern and western states detailing bloodless animal mutilations, cases on humans have been less common.

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A horrible abduction and a curious autopsy

Back in March 1956, there was a weird incident involving Jonathan P. Lovette, an Air Force sergeant. He was assisting Major William Cunningham in the missile testing grounds located near New Mexico’s Air Force Base. While looking for debris from a rocket test, Cunningham was stunned when he heard a very loud scream. He even thought that Lovette may have been bitten by a snake. He rushed to his partner. Then, he witnessed one of the weirdest extraterrestrial-human encounters. 

Cunningham recounted seeing Lovette being dragged by a lengthy serpentine arm. The arm was wrapped around his legs, and it was connected to a silver disk hovering in the air around 15 feet away. Lovette was pulled inside it, as it rose into the sky vertically. Cunningham then radioed for assistance. He was eventually confined to a hospital for treatment and observation after retelling what he thought he witnessed. 

As per Joseph’s Military Encounters book, the base personnel confirmed an unidentified radar contact close to the area at the time Lovette disappeared. Search parties were dispatched into the desert. It took around three days before Lovette’s corpse was discovered, around 10 miles from the area of abduction. 

It seemed like the corpse had been exposed to all the elements for around 24 to 48 hours. The official report offered zero explanation of what might have happened on the missing third day. Moreover, the autopsy raised more questions than answers.

Why was his body so severely mutilated? His eyes were plucked out, and his tongue had been cut from the jaw’s lower portion. The coroner noted the apparent surgical skill of the perpetrator. Even the genitalia and anus area were extracted neatly. 

Perhaps the most bizarre aspect of the incident was that the body was drained of blood completely. Surprisingly, there was no vascular collapse typically associated with death by bleeding.

Until now, the Lovette/Cunningham case remains unsubstantiated. There were no follow-up reports regarding the incident. 

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